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Just came across the work of the Chapuisat brothers via the blog floresenelatico

For instance this

Aug 8, 10 11:50 pm

nam - what's going on in that first pic?

that link has some awesome stuff, btw...

Aug 9, 10 11:50 am

loving this little visitors center and restaurant i recently came across by frundgallina architectes (more here):

Aug 24, 10 5:27 pm

toast not sure. I think someone is crawling into a spatialized/hollow wall.

@phuyaké that is quite lovely..

Aug 24, 10 5:47 pm

The NYT T Magazine Fall Design issue features and article Welcome to Smallville which talks all about how the new it trend is for small houses, not big ostentatious McMansions etc.

I thought the analogy by one person quoted therein that just like no one wants tto be seen driving a Land Rover anymore and everyone has a Prius, similarly no one wants a non-green big house...

A couple of pretty nice projects (some like the W House) i think have already been featured on this thread.

Oct 3, 10 1:58 pm

Given it's approach of reuse of an existing site, it's "small" intervention into existing building fabric what about

'bunker 599' by dutch firms atelier de lyon and rietveld landscape here

Oct 26, 10 9:52 pm

the small projects effectively divorce great architecture from big clients, there is a lot of hope in that, I think, given the sick values of so many big clients over the past decade. maybe the ultimate form for small projects is D.I.Y.

<img src="" width="473" height="500" alt="christiania, glass house, august 2007" />

Oct 27, 10 6:49 pm

one more time :)

Oct 27, 10 7:04 pm

wow. some serious heat loss in that project! is that in christiana, DK?

Oct 27, 10 7:20 pm

holz, yeah i think so i my memory serves...

Oct 28, 10 9:11 am
In Griffis Sculpture Park near Buffalo, New York, Joyce Hwang’s “Bat Tower” stands 12 feet tall and includes a set of triangular, stacked segments held together with steel bolts.

Via ASLA's The Dirt here

Nov 10, 10 10:47 am

The Habitable Sculpture by Miguel Arruda


Nov 26, 10 3:12 pm

anyone else besides me have anything to post??

Sara over at TC pointed people to [url=]this[/url example of a small project. Dai Haifei, a 24-year-old architect in Beijing, China, found an ingenious solution to live rent-free. He built himself a mobile egg-shaped house that is powered by the sun.

It was also posted in news [url=]here[/url

Dec 13, 10 8:00 pm

anyone else besides me have anything to post??

Sara over at TC pointed people to this example of a small project. Dai Haifei, a 24-year-old architect in Beijing, China, found an ingenious solution to live rent-free. He built himself a mobile egg-shaped house that is powered by the sun.

It was also posted in news here

Dec 13, 10 8:01 pm

Reminds me of something I saw in the current AR. But this is fuzzy, isn't it -- are those Chia tiles ? Moss ?

Dec 13, 10 8:54 pm

Bernardo Bader & Paul Seurer's Moor Room in Krumbach

Jan 14, 11 12:06 pm


love that 1st image. nice timber project. wonder if word was sourced locally?

thanks for not forgetting about this thread!

Jan 14, 11 2:10 pm

Lovely. Do you suppose those sticks are doweled to each other -- at the finger-joint corners, at least ?

Jan 14, 11 10:54 pm

guessing most of the wood is locally sourced, or at least from AT. i have no idea, about the construction, but it is stunning - you could always contact the carpenter:

Jan 15, 11 1:18 am

It's like watching movies; I'm always asking myself "how did they do that ?"

Jan 15, 11 1:46 am
Erik Evens (EKE)
Jan 18, 11 8:33 pm
Erik Evens (EKE)
Jan 18, 11 8:54 pm

Hmm -- is that the "Fifth Column" wittily illustrated in the portico ?

And how about that "porch light" in the second image. Do we have a theme going, here ?

Jan 18, 11 9:14 pm

i like the inset vase/decoration.

Jan 18, 11 9:33 pm

Every building should have a built-in flower holder. If it's good enough for the Beetle . . .

Gaudi it isn't. What is it ?

Jan 18, 11 9:49 pm
Erik Evens (EKE)

It's a house by a local Santa Barbara, California architect named Jeff Shelton. He's taken the ubiquitous Santa Barbara Spanish vernacular and created his own hallucinogenic, Dr. Seuss meets Gaudi version. I love his buildings.

Jan 19, 11 1:08 pm

So, that's recent ? Wow . . .

Jan 19, 11 5:01 pm

moskow linn architects: swamp hut

more info

Mar 30, 11 2:20 pm

That plan is straight out of my undergrad residential studio project.

Mar 30, 11 8:36 pm

I guess they don't have ADA-type restrictions in China?

"a single open stairway provides access to the upper gallery, housed within the off-white
corrugated structure."

From this photo-essay on Steven Holl's new Nanjing Museum of Art and Architecture

Also can I just say how good looking the small projects thread is on Archinect 3.0!!!!

Apr 16, 11 4:39 pm

This picture seemed a perfect encapsulation of the small project idea. look at the person scaled to the building, although I will acknowledge i think the perspective is off.
More via

Apr 18, 11 10:47 pm

looking back at last few posting guess it's just me :p

this one isn't even a building just a site and an elevated catwalk..  'open architecture' by  japanese practice yoshiaki oyabu architects,

Aug 1, 11 2:18 pm

oh what the hell...


H3T architects: bike sauna

"able to accommodate up to six people, the sauna is encased in a cylindrical volume clad in translucent panels. featuring a fully-functioning fireplace that expels smoke through a tiny protruding chimney, the interior is outfitted with a set of wooden benches." seems an awful tight fit!

Oct 17, 11 10:57 pm

how about Flying Mud Boat by Terunobu Fujimori (2010)


via ja+u (Japan Architecture + Urbanism) recent post ft 13 works of architectural anime.

my only thought was i was a bit dissapointed, chiefly cause i had *had hoped to see architecture from anime not like anime...

Oct 4, 12 9:13 pm

best thread ever!

Oct 6, 12 6:39 pm

moskow linn architects: swamp hut

what a cool project. 

Oct 6, 12 6:52 pm

Can we update this thread regularly? I feel there has been too much cynicism in architecture lately. Don't hate, celebrate.

Dec 18, 12 9:04 pm

All of the infrastructure I've seen built in strong materials.

It is good for a building or a house that undergoes testing if it passes standard quality.

It's for the safety of all. Right..?

Dec 19, 12 1:20 am

@kubo have at it. I was updating pretty regularly but no one else was...

Any info on the photo/project you posted? Is site in Australian Outback or American SW?

Dec 20, 12 2:14 pm

although this project is seven-storey talls, in spirit it seems like a small project. in the way it is a thin slice as it were..

C+S Architects, Supervisory Law Courts, Venice via Domus here

Apr 16, 13 6:38 pm

From Apartment Therapy.

May 27, 13 3:19 pm

how about Werk Studio’s TREE|HUB: via Bustler?

Sep 23, 13 9:17 pm

Religious Architecture, New Facilities - Merit: Kikuma Watanabe - Shrine in an Air Pocket in the City - Ryuto-Ohashi, Chuo, Niigata, Japan

via Bustler's news item re: 2013 Faith & Form/IFRAA Awards winners

Jan 13, 14 6:37 pm

thanks nam.  that's far better than threads about how architects shouldn't have to be paid.

Jan 13, 14 7:07 pm


Come on, anybody?

Sep 9, 14 7:09 pm

We just built this for the Seattle Design Festival

Sep 11, 14 11:29 am

Not so good at this...

Sep 11, 14 11:31 am

that the one full ofit?

Sep 11, 14 6:03 pm

what about this entire recent news post? With an entry by architects at Vision Division

Jan 5, 15 7:46 pm

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