Portfolio that has the same content as the previous application

Los Angeles

What's your opinion of sending a portfolio with content that a firm may have seen before?  I applied last year for a very competitive position and I did not get the position. I obviously have new projects in my portfolio, and I will get rid of some of the older projects, but should I get rid of all of them? 



Dec 31, 12 3:54 pm
Los Angeles


Dec 31, 12 3:54 pm

First off, its still your work so why would you not include it? 

Second, I'm guessing if your portfolio wasn't memorable enough to get you a job, they aren't going to remember it anyways. A year is a long time and Im sure they have seen many other portfolios in the process, as well as working on their own business and personal lives in that time frame. 

Dec 31, 12 6:32 pm

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