Your Final Architour Destination.

You have one month to live.  Or, let's say 17 days, since the Mayan apocalypse is upon us.

What building would you spend your last days going to visit? What is that one building you want to see before you die?

Dec 4, 12 11:08 pm

I'm thinking mine would be either Zumthor's Kolumba Museum - that brickwork! - or BIG's Mountain Dwellings.  Probably Kolumba, as its art arrangement seems more contemplative to the end of life.

Dec 4, 12 11:36 pm

Go say a prayer at Zumthor's Bruder Klaus Chapel for all the sins I've comitted, followed by relaxation at his Vals Thermal Bath before the world ends :)

Dec 5, 12 12:51 am


Last day: Disneyland -  to jump off the highest turret of Cinderella Castle.

Dec 5, 12 1:36 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Jadzia, please tell me you'll dress as Bowzer before you begin your climb.

Dec 5, 12 1:41 pm

I would climb the pyramid at Chichen Itza and wait for the aliens to rescue me.

Dec 5, 12 1:49 pm

Taj Mahal

Dec 5, 12 3:52 pm

I'd stay in.

But if forced, probably grandparents' apartment. EXACTLY AS IT WAS 28ish YEARS AGO.

We in the profession tend to ignore emotional attachment architecture plays in everyone's lives probably since we have very little control over it.

My third option: spend last 17 days of my life in Seattle Library. Fuck yeah!

Dec 5, 12 4:37 pm

Kuokkala Church by Lassila Hirvilammi

Have wanted to go there for a while, and a church seems the right place to be at the end.

Dec 5, 12 5:09 pm

are those grapes? (+3dh!)

Dec 5, 12 5:36 pm

a church seems the right place to be at the end.

hmm.  we might be going different directions here.  i really like rusty's idea since i haven't been to the seattle library, but watching bowser jump off the disney castle is going to be hard to beat.

Dec 5, 12 5:42 pm

My house. It's where I'm happiest. It's my fave building by any Architect anywhere, of any time, so I'd just hang at home. You can come over if you want, just bring a bottle of something.

Dec 5, 12 5:58 pm

Surprisingly, if it’s indeed the end… I would want to be in nature and get away from the built environment completely. 

OMG, what does this say about me as an architect!?!

Dec 5, 12 6:18 pm
Sarah Hamilton

CrazyCat, you know that as soon as you went outside, you'd just turn around and want to come back in again.

Dec 5, 12 7:13 pm

a church seems the right place to be at the end.

Yup - Cathedral of Light in Oakland - I worked on the confessional BIM model when I was at SOM

Dec 5, 12 8:13 pm

roden crater

Dec 5, 12 8:58 pm
17 days? Probably several good books and a few pots of poppy tea on a sleeping porch at Gamble House. Too bad October's long-gone. There are so many wondrous environments that I've yet to experience (viz. Seattle Library). And, after almost 10 years in the nuclear winter of Chicago, I'd prefer to...relax. Or, as CrazyCat suggests, maybe, oh...Bryce Canyon.
Dec 5, 12 9:33 pm

Sarah, I'm intrigued and can't figure it out - why would I dress like that? :)
And you didn't mention where you would go.

I can't believe I chose Brasilia for my final architour destination and the master himself makes his last exit the very next day.

Dec 6, 12 4:06 am

Walking across the Arno river in Florence at sunset.

Dec 6, 12 8:01 am

Mark Vanden Akker, that church is beautiful! I love the peeled away ceiling , so lovely.

Rusty, dear, time travel was not part of the offer.  But if it *is* allowable, then I'll fast forward twenty years to when I'm finally able to gift Cranbrook enough money that they can build the Poet's Residence that John Hejduk designed for campus.  Then I'll spend the last night of Earth in there. Though going forward in time would seem to mean the world isn't ending, so Bruce Willis must have traveled BACK to fix things so....yeah.  No time travel.

Also on my list: Kimbell.  I still haven't seen it.


Dec 6, 12 8:38 am
Sarah Hamilton

Jadzia, I just pictured that Nintendo scene where Bowser steals Princess Peach, and the thought of someone scaling a castle, dressed as Bowser made me snicker.  I'm cheesy at times.  I blame age.

And I don't know where I'd go.  I'm torn between wanting to survive, and thus choosing a place like an un-Architectural, purely functional bunker, somewhere Holy in case the Rapture happens, somewhere beautiful and serene that I've never been, and somewhere comfortable and familiar.  See, I just over-analyze everything.  Gah!

And Donna, if you ever make it down here, I know of a great little throw-back bar that makes a delicious Old-Fashioned.  I'll even give you a free place to stay!

Dec 6, 12 9:25 am

maybe you're talking about hunter thompson's compound in colorado sarah?

Dec 6, 12 9:54 am

Oh, BOWSER. I understood Bowzer and associated muscle shirts and ugh.... nevermind.

Well, since I was inofficial queen of Donkey Kong and never risked making the break to those follow-up games, I never really met him properly.

Dec 6, 12 10:56 am

Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, my favorite space. 

Dec 6, 12 10:59 am

For me, right now, it would have to be the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.  This is the first piece of "Architecture" that I experienced.

Dec 6, 12 9:48 pm


Dec 7, 12 12:04 am

That is really interesting beta. Hagia Sophia was my first architour destination when my father took me there and showed me the building and told me about its history. I was ten years old and I'll never forget how grand the interior space was.

Now I want to see this architour destination.

Dec 7, 12 1:49 am

17 days (besides being a prince song) is enough time to settle in, get to know a place, and explore. so i'm going to need more than one work of architecture. i'll have to adopt a final architouring neighborhood, of sorts.

give me matildenhohe outside darmstadt. i'll move in to olbrich's grosses glueckert haus, please. 



Dec 7, 12 7:40 am

Orhan, every time I see photos of the magnificent light in the Hagia Sophia,I feel the presence of something Divine.

Dec 7, 12 8:45 pm

If I could kick out all the motor vechicles at the campground, I would say I could spend the last 17 days stomping around Publeo Bonita in Chaco canyon in New Mexico. I have to say it is one of the most amazing places I have ever visited.

Dec 9, 12 11:28 am

I'd like to see the Scottish Parliament by Miralles... or Igualda by same.

Would also like to see one or two of Ando's churches...Church of the light or church of the water.

2nd to the Kimbell as well.

I'd also be tempted to see Chandigarh or Ronchamp... I've only been to the Carpenter Center by Corb, but that's enough for me to want to see more before it's all over.

It would be a true architour...why do I just have to go to one?

Dec 9, 12 9:52 pm

The grand canyons Havasupi falls by the greatest architect- mother nature.

Dec 9, 12 11:55 pm

or Socotra Island....

Dec 9, 12 11:58 pm
jla-x of these

Dec 10, 12 12:11 am

actually here, best of both worlds.

Dec 10, 12 12:22 am

I would probably head here:


It the Bank of International $ettlements in Basel, Switzerland and if anyone has made a deal with the devil to sidestep the apocalypse then it's probably these banking mo'fuckers.

Oh, and it features a room by H&dM. At least these guys have some taste:

"The Bank of England's Mr. King leads the dinner discussions in a room decorated by the Swiss architectural firm Herzog & de Meuron, which designed the "Bird's Nest" stadium for the Beijing Olympics. The men have designated seats at a round table in a dining area scented by white orchids and framed by white walls, a black ceiling and panoramic views."

Or maybe I'll just stay in bed that day, yo!

Dec 12, 12 9:45 am

Well, seems the world is still turning.  Guess I'll go to Target.

Dec 21, 12 11:48 am

Here you go Donna

Dec 21, 12 2:31 pm

I awoke in my "Crib" in Oakland - survived not being a target when the drone flew overhead

Dec 21, 12 3:36 pm

Church of the Holy Cross - Sedona!! You have to go there once in your life at least I would say!

Dec 21, 12 8:10 pm

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