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I am looking for a cloud storage system for a large project with many users. I have of course used dropbox, and box, but also Onehub - it offers more documentation management systems and services. I can also look at extending my existing Google account through Drive.

Does anyone have any other recommendations? I am particularly interested in comparable organisations to Onehub.


Nov 19, 12 7:05 pm

there is a possibility you could look into a qnap nas (or similar) and build your own cloud if you have a good internet connection

Nov 19, 12 8:39 pm

GTeam?  It has file locking and is designed for AEC collaboration:

Nov 19, 12 10:07 pm
i r giv up

dropbox for work in progress.

backups to amazon glacier.


that's my workflow.

Nov 19, 12 10:35 pm


I will check those options out.

Nov 20, 12 2:22 am

Has anyone used GTeam for live collaboration on AutoCAD drawing (such as sharing between two offices*)?  Does it work? We've been trying to get a trial but the sales team seems not super responsive...

*Not simultaneously, obviously.

Jun 20, 13 9:17 pm

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