the internship

I have a question. When it comes to applying for internships at architecture firms, why is it that employers want you to have experience in the field, prior to applying for an internship?Isn't the purpose of an internship is to gain experience in the field? I will concede that there is much I do not know about architecture. However, it is counterproductive to create obstacles for those who really want to be in the field.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

Nov 12, 12 12:40 pm

because intern is just a nice way of saying cheap labor and most architects are a bunch of cheap assholes that use idp to take advantage of people.

Nov 12, 12 3:31 pm

Ha welcome to the great catch 22 of architecture. I've been asking myself this since I graduated in 2009.  Two options:

1. Have a sick portfolio and a prof. degree

2. Know some body (best bet)

Nov 12, 12 10:35 pm

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