Looking for a Lebbeus Woods drawing ...

... I don't know which of his books it's from, but I've got 'The New City', 'Radical Reconstruction' and 'The Storm and The Fall', and it's not in ay of those.

It's an aerial perspective of Manhattan with the Hudson and East rivers gone, just a deep gorge in their place, i remeber it being in B/W.

Sound familiar to anyone? I know I've seen it on the web, but I can't seem to find it now. If anybody knows where it is on the web or in print I'd be really glad to see it again.

Jun 4, 07 12:18 pm
Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

Ask this guy ... he may be able to help ....

Jun 4, 07 12:40 pm

sounds interesting, I'd love to see it too

FYI: it's not in his Pamphlet Architecture 'War and Architecture' either....

Jun 4, 07 12:40 pm

¡Viva El Urbanismo Postapocalyptico!

Jun 4, 07 12:49 pm

GRO[O]UND which is the book about lower manhattan right aafter 9/11 ?? there's an aerial view of manhattan there, but can't remember if lebbeus drew something on it...

mmhh could be also some of his drawings from the twin towers site?

Jun 4, 07 1:05 pm

not in "lebbeus woods, experimental architecture" either.

Jun 4, 07 3:18 pm

GR[O]UND sounds like a good lead, thanks MAD.

If anybody spots it on the web, post it, please, I know I've seen it before online ...

Jun 4, 07 3:24 pm

Sep 29, 07 7:45 pm
Sir Arthur Braagadocio

nice image.

Sep 29, 07 7:49 pm
vado retro


Sep 29, 07 8:09 pm
Carl Douglas (agfa8x)


Sep 29, 07 8:13 pm

a city like this would have flooded with tourist, earn BIG money...

i must say lebbus wood is many times business oriented than Rem/SOM/KPF...etc.

Sep 29, 07 11:18 pm
Sir Arthur Braagadocio

vado, but aren't cities made by their code. NYC has their own code, no ICC, etc...or was that the joke, damn you!

Sep 29, 07 11:25 pm
Geoff Manaugh

765, I'm talking to Lebbeus in the morning and am getting the back story to this image.

So stay tuned...!

Sep 30, 07 1:51 am

wow. now that's service!

Sep 30, 07 6:48 am
Sir Arthur Braagadocio

find out if it's too code, would ya.

Sep 30, 07 7:38 am
Geoff Manaugh

That'll be my first question.

Sep 30, 07 11:50 am
Geoff Manaugh

And the results are in:

"Lebbeus Woods: Lower Manhattan.” Abitare, no. 384, May 1999, pp.166-169.

Meanwhile, a short interview with Woods should be up on BLDGBLOG soon...

Sep 30, 07 3:16 pm
Geoff Manaugh

Here's that interview I mentioned – sorry for the self-link, but:

Without Walls: An Interview with Lebbeus Woods.

We kick off with the Manhattan drawing. Enjoy!

Oct 3, 07 2:40 am

geoff, great job! i find the interview as genre to be particularly enlightening, i am glad that you took on Lebbeus, he always seemed indecipherable, but actually comes across well. i particularly enjoyed his comments on the state of architecture and architects today. thanks.

Oct 3, 07 4:28 am

fun interview, geoff.

i remember when woods came to our school during undergrad and gave a sort of masterclass. he taught his drawing process and how he got the various effects from his colored pencils and other media. his 2-3 day visit completely transformed the way a lot of people approached drawing/rendering for the next couple of years.

back then he smoked like a fiend and you had to brace yourself to be in a closed room with him, but it was well worth it. [cough cough.]

Oct 3, 07 7:44 am

In the future, everyone will be a self link, with absolutely nothing to be sorry about. Self link architects will be all the rage, even.

And guilt will be the new mythology.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Oct 3, 07 8:04 am
Geoff Manaugh

Thanks for the encouragement, self link.

So Lebbeus is really a great guy to talk to - I had a great time doing this, in fact.

Glad you like it so far!

Oct 3, 07 10:40 am

indeed. thanks for sharing, Geoff.

Oct 3, 07 10:51 am

great interview, thanks for that and for the images too. really liked the part on architecture as catalyst for change.

Oct 3, 07 11:16 am

Thanks again geoff - im a huge fan of both lebbeus and bldgblog. Great to see he has a website, and some of his more obscure stuff is on display

Oct 3, 07 11:30 am

geoff...many thanks; i enjoyed the interview was invigorating, and i needed that today (and most days); i was also pleasantly surprised at how succinct and clear he seems to be...

also, thanks for the great links; i will be spending sometime at

side note: i love when my visit to provides me with these amazing resources...

Oct 3, 07 2:22 pm

is self link the new PerCorell?

Oct 3, 07 2:36 pm
self link: the future

is the same old Stephen Lauf.

"sorry for the self link" is what inspired, not the interview with Woods.

I don't doubt that Woods is a nice person, but architecturally I find the work old-fashioned, futuristic in a late-nineteenth century kind of way (like Dubai is futuristic in a mid-twentieth century kind of way). The angst-ridden designs remain frozen in artificiality due primarily to a virtually complete lack of human investment.

Anyway, I think this stuff came first...

Oct 3, 07 3:23 pm

Woods also lectured at my school and I've always been facinated by him since then. Originally i thought he was a hack as he has never built anything but now I find his work fantastic.

Oct 3, 07 3:42 pm

This is what got me looking for the drawing:

More here:


Oct 21, 07 3:08 pm

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