the worst chair in every architecture firm


this is one of the most common chairs in architecture firms. and it effin sucks. i have killer back pain from this chair ...

what chairs do you have at your firm?

Apr 20, 07 1:38 pm

ohh Shit...thats the ecxact one we have..

Thats funny, come to think of it my back has been hurting a little

Apr 20, 07 1:40 pm

something a bit like this:

only minus half the levers and blue. The top of the chair hits right in the middle of your back, offering no support whatsoever. I would kill for the chair you posted above!

Apr 20, 07 1:42 pm
Chili Davis

My bum is on the Steelcase Criterion...

Only mine is a hideous shade of tan with an awful tan/green/blue/maroon fabric.

Apr 20, 07 1:44 pm

my chair is not even a real seat- it's like sitting on mesh- and has no support. i have manipulated this chair every which way it can adjust, and yet, my back aches at the end of the day. and these chairs were ridiculously expensive. herman miller can go eff off

Apr 20, 07 1:51 pm

rationalist - we have the same chairs.

These are the best chairs I've ever sat it. Freedom task chair by Human Scale.

Apr 20, 07 1:53 pm

i am just counting the minutes until mdler and tumbleweed paste their obscenities here...

Apr 20, 07 1:54 pm
liberty bell

Like rationalist, I fantasize about an Aeron chair. I have a Haworth X99 (that is actually my husband's) and it just doesn't fit me right.

+i, perhaps you need a larger or smaller size of Aeron? Or a block under your desk that raises your feet slightly? Is your desk height correct for your seat height? Do you hunch your back when you work?

Apr 20, 07 1:55 pm

my aeron at home is great. adjust the lumbar?

Apr 20, 07 1:57 pm

ive adjusted everything. im not the only one who complains in my office of 200+ aerons.... have you sat in your aeron for 8+ hours everyday?

Apr 20, 07 2:01 pm

See, the key to the similar-looking Steelcase Criterion is that it has an adjustable back position. Ours are locked in at a very low height, causing the back to be almost worthless. Unless you're a super-sloucher, you may as well be sitting on a cushioned stool.

My office has been searching for new chairs for a while... we almost decided on some cool sustainable chairs (I forget which, Steven Ward posted them in another thread but I'm too lazy to look it up), that the office staff LOVED. However, my incredibly tall boss vetoed them at the last minute because they didn't have the capability for an extended height-bar which would let him raise the seat to a comfortable height for his long legs.

Apr 20, 07 2:01 pm

perhaps offices should let you decide what kind of chair you want... that would be so nice.

Apr 20, 07 2:03 pm

I was about to create this thread last night but I was too distracted with this edamame sauce I was attempted to create. I have been having crazy chair issues lately.

I sit in a chair about as comfortable as a cinder block. I have a meeting scheduled next week to meet with our Herman Miller distributor because I am planning on purchasing an Aeron chair.

Does anyone sit in a Steelcase Leap or Think chair? I am also planning on looking into those for my maximum comfort needs.

Apr 20, 07 2:08 pm

Apr 20, 07 2:19 pm

it's a little rough, but it works ^

Apr 20, 07 2:19 pm

i stand most of the day

Apr 20, 07 2:22 pm

mine has bird shit on it. serious. and I have not the slightest idea how it got there.

Apr 20, 07 2:24 pm

I used to use a cheap $20 office chair from Staples when I first got to my current firm. Now I have the stupid Aeron chair. A little better than the $20 Staples chair....but not by much.

Apr 20, 07 2:38 pm

This is what we have in our office. I find these are quite common in architecture offices also.

Apr 20, 07 2:46 pm
Israel Kandarian

the aeron chair is HORRIBLE...incredibly uncomfortable and painfully ugly! its only saving grace is that your farts go directly through the mesh seat and into the atmosphere, so your coworkrs can enjoy them quicker.

we use vitra oson c chairs, in black. much less offensive to the back, butt, and eyes.

Apr 20, 07 2:47 pm
won and done williams

has anyone used an eames aluminum group office chair? i'm tempted to buy one for my home office. just for looks of course.

Apr 20, 07 2:48 pm
FOG Lite

I miss my old aeron tremendously, as does my aching back.

The freedom chair, however, is the most comfortable chair my backside has occupied. Viva la Diffrient!

Apr 20, 07 2:49 pm
not without

my vintage aluminum group chair is too low for a standard desk, but tres comfortable.

Apr 20, 07 2:52 pm
Chili Davis

For $1,000+, the Freedom had better do more than just coddle my ass.

Apr 20, 07 2:53 pm
Mark Anthony

this is what we have in our studios here... although most of them don't have backs. hahaha

Apr 20, 07 2:54 pm

I agree with that chair being the worse. Many unfortunate pairs of khakis were lost due to that chair.

Apr 20, 07 2:56 pm
le bossman

we definitely roll with the aeron. perhaps yours isn't adjusted correctly. mine isn't "comfortable," but it gives good support and i can't fall asleep in it. much like a pew.

Apr 20, 07 3:01 pm

my left buttcheek fell asleep

Apr 20, 07 3:14 pm

Damn, my chair looks an awful lot like that Freedom chair. Didn't know the principals would cough up $1k/per chair on us. Must be a knock off.

I've never been a fan of the aeron, but do laugh at the fact that the dot com blow-out swamped office furniture dealers with thousands of used areons. Herman Miller wound up with a good portion of the money lost in that fiasco. Lately I've been noticing aerons in hotel rooms quite frequently. Hilton must be on that bandwagon.

My favorite chair is the Steelcase "Think" chair. So comfy and no levers, knobs or other shit to mess around with. Doubt they are giving those away either.

Apr 20, 07 3:28 pm

anyone care to recommend a decent chair for $300 or less?

Apr 20, 07 3:30 pm

is there such a thing?

Apr 20, 07 3:30 pm

I love my Aeron! Is yours the right size from you? Adjusted properly? Is your desk/keyboard/monitor too high or too low? Do you sit on your wallet?

Apr 20, 07 3:34 pm
el jeffe

this is the chair i make clients sit in while we negotiate fees.

Apr 20, 07 3:56 pm

We have Freedom chairs and we were able to purchase them for CONSIDERABLY less than $1000 each. Humanscale offers one of the better designer discounts out of all chair manufacturers out there...perhaps because they are a bit of an underdog.

Apr 20, 07 4:21 pm

The chair that I make my intern sit in:

Apr 20, 07 4:24 pm

I think the worst chair (or best, depending on how you look at it) in every firm is that beaten up puke green model from 1975 that's somehow managed to survive 2 moves and 3 remodels. every office has some relic like that.

Apr 20, 07 4:25 pm

i have one of these:


Apr 20, 07 4:31 pm

i miss my aeron... i used to sit in it all day every day...and cad my misery away...

or was it the other way around?

now i'm sitting in a shit chair that looks like rationalists, and the cover is wearing off... it blows

but the aeron isn't for everyone, no chair is...

hehe, our old principal used to sit on one of those giant excercise balls to strengthen her back...

Apr 20, 07 4:31 pm
Apr 20, 07 4:35 pm

my chair fantasy. very reasonably prced @ 250-300$ and very sturdy well made too. knock off but beats the basement rocker.

Apr 20, 07 4:44 pm

Orhan...where did you get that?

Apr 20, 07 4:54 pm

to those asking i sit in one of leather mesh
with aluminum base and black armature.

very comfy.

Apr 20, 07 4:58 pm

Oooo Orhan. You got the recliny kind!

Apr 20, 07 5:07 pm

yes +i - my ass i planted in the herman miller chair you speak of - i love it - it has alll kinds of ajustments on it...we had an ergonomic lady come into the office to make sure we were using the chairs properly so we wouldnt have CRONIC back pain

Apr 20, 07 5:10 pm

since it's friday i took a picture:

Apr 20, 07 5:18 pm

Larslarson - that's the Steelcase Think, right?

Me likey.

Apr 20, 07 5:20 pm

yeah it's the think chair. i think it's a good alt to the aeron

Apr 20, 07 7:41 pm

I'm so unbelievably jealous of Orhan right now...beautiful photograph as well. I'm not even in a seat at the moment, its a recovered old English type office chair - no wheels, too narrow for my ass, and screeches across the floor when i get up

Apr 20, 07 8:26 pm

it is called 'lider' chair a knock out eames office chair and they are available at this place called 'blueprint' on beverly blvd in los angeles.

rocking chair above that is an historical situation that was entered in early stages of remodeling job a couple of years ago.

Apr 20, 07 8:57 pm

zody, one of the first cradle-to-cradle chairs, by haworth. mine's red.

Apr 20, 07 10:34 pm
vado retro

i got this chair from staples here at home and the metal frame that holds the mesh back hits me right in the part of my back that holds all my stress. not good.

Apr 20, 07 11:25 pm

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