Feedback needed on Work Samples for a general job application.


Hello everyone,

I would appreciate some feedback about my work samples. I have read
other discussions where some suggest to have only 2 pages with work
examples from multiple projects. I went with one page for each
project. I provided 4 here. Is that too much information on each page
for samples?

I thought it would be nice if each project could tell its
story on its own page as opposed to having multiple projects on one
page. I want to add at least one or two more examples.
I am open to any suggestions about that and my resume (which I
designed to fit the format).

The link below shows these viewed as a booklet, but it is supposed to
be viewed as a regular pdf, with each page on it's own rather than
being part of a spread. I only added the blank pages so it works on
ISSUU for your viewing.

Thank you!

Aug 23, 12 9:33 am

Tasneem - I like how your using most of the space on the page. Your projects a very interesting as well.

I'm wondering why you have two pages and the left page is blank? This would work for making a paper copy but for digital purposes I would suggest scraping the left page. Overall - good work man!

Do you have an architecture job now?

Aug 23, 12 2:40 pm

The first page is completely unnecessary if it is a digital portfolio. That is the first thing someone will see when they open it, and it probably looks identical to many other portfolios they have seen.

I want to be Shock and awe-d by the first page of a portfolio, either with a beautiful image, or with so many images of different projects I immediately think you must be some kind of wunderkind.

I would want to see a portfolio tell a story when in a face-to-face interview, but for a first impression, you want to show them shiny stuff in small images so there is no room to criticize it. 

I sent out portfolios and work samples very similar to yours so many times (I probably applied to well over 300 jobs), but when I simplified to what is basically a contact sheet of images, plus a resume and a letter of interest, I  increased call-backs by an order of magnitude. 

I will try to post a sample of what I was sending out this evening.

Aug 23, 12 2:49 pm

Matthew - Thank you for your comment! Regarding the blank pages, this was only because ISSUU only lets you view multiple pages as spreads. When I uploaded it the first time (It's my first time using an online portfolio website), my pages were facing. But the intent is to have this as a regular pdf attachment where you would scroll down to view the pages one by one. So I just added the blank pages so each page is viewed individually. When I submit it, it won't be on ISSUU, but just a PDF attachment in an email.

I do have a job, but I want to be prepared in case things slow down (We are a very small firm), and I want to gain more experience in base building design because my current work mostly involves Interior Architecture.

Nicholas - I definitely agree about the first page. I will work on the cover, or find another way to introduce my work (Maybe with my cover letter?). And you have a point about having smaller images and leaving no room for criticism. I never really thought about that. I would love to see an example, I appreciate your feedback!

Aug 23, 12 3:12 pm

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