Sign a petition, help save a masterpiece, thanks!!


There's an easy way to save stuff like this: buy it.

Aug 22, 12 3:56 pm

someone did buy it....thats the problem, they want to replace it with hideous mcmansions.

Aug 22, 12 4:47 pm

i heard this one leaks, like the others

Aug 22, 12 5:42 pm

Topic...I lived in one of the "other"  Wright houses, it did not leak. Leaks can be repaired.


Aug 22, 12 6:14 pm

Someone else thought it was more valuable as a tear-down than you did as a keeper then. Otherwise you would have outbid them for it.

Aug 22, 12 6:15 pm

The person who purchased the property from the heirs, assured the family that she was going to restore it, and occupy it.  Then, she auctioned off an important Wright designed rug...then early this year she quickly sold it to a developer who claims he didnt realize the importance. So, it's not quite as cut and dried as you think. I take it you have no problems with this building being knocked down.

Aug 22, 12 6:45 pm

If I did have a problem with it, I'd be raising money to buy it, not complaining to governmental busybodies about it.

Aug 22, 12 7:21 pm

The "complaining to governmental busybodies" is an effort to buy more time in order to find a buyer with true preservation intentions. Luckily, this is now getting world wide attention, and hopefully a positive outcome will be the result.

Aug 22, 12 7:34 pm
i r giv up

i'm with gwharton.


you're all stupid commies/fascists.

Aug 23, 12 9:24 am

Remember, gwharton is part of the architectural elite, he can't be bothered with the problems of the architectural plebians.

Aug 23, 12 11:21 am

all i r give up can do is resort to childish name calling..oh to be as cool as you.

Aug 23, 12 12:49 pm

In Picturing Wright, an album from FLW photography by Pedro E. Guerrero, there is a nice story about a big fight between Frank and his son David, resulting in a no talking to you Dad situation.

How could you not know about the significance of it!  Look at that place, ignorance or a lie?

Aug 25, 12 6:17 am

government busybodies? more on government spending later.

Aug 25, 12 4:13 pm

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