Breuer: Ameritrust Cleveland: Here we go again


I know it is not my baby, but it would be a shame to see it disrespected.

Here's what these guys did previously with one condo complex:

I very much hope that the building will retain it's classy character and will maintain its cachet. It's had a life of its own for sometime now. It will be good to see light coming from inside. We enjoyed even seeing the building at dusk with the work lights. There is possibility...

I plan to meet with the Western Reserve Historical Society to discuss a permanent exhibit in the Rotunda/hotel lobby. This bank held the funds of many of the country's great industrialists. The vaults are still there -- pristine. The murals need a little conservation, but we have the Intermuseum Conservation Association right here in Cleveland. We're catching our breath and enjoying the glow of holding back the wrecking ball, but things are dire in Cleveland and this project is located at the intersection of commerce and industry -- we need to bounce; we hope this will be part of that momentum.

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i hope its still there when I get to cleveland,

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Latest news on Ameritrust Breuer Tower: Monday, 200 FBI agents joined by Federal Marshals and IRS agents raided the Cuyahoga County Administration Building and other sites in Cleveland (11 sites in all). The parade of boxes of paper, computer data, hard drives, file cabinets went on from 9am-3pm.

Part of what the warrant called for were all items related to Ameritrust building. See page 3 of the warrant here:

The reason for the warrant? "Political Corruption" Did we not suggest this whole thing was wack many months ago?

Stay tuned. It should take a while for them to go through the three Uhaul trucks of information they removed. I'll continue to post as the saga unfolds...

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What type of political corruption are they looking for? Fraudulant sale? Inside lease deals? Any further details yet?

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After reading the warrent - was Jimmy Dimora the previous owner of the building? It sounds like hes a classic democratic machine boss. Are you inferring somehow the Ameritrust tower was a pork project for politicaly connected construction and design firms?

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Oh, I don't mean to "imply" anything. I can wait for the FBI to unravel the business.

The property was not owned by Dimora. It was owned by Richard E. Jacobs.

Many in Cleveland have a sort of low opinion of this guy for sitting on the property for 20 years whining about asbestos.

His family also sat on the historic Coast Guard Station while allowing it to fall into disrepair for years. Then they did a magnanimous thing - as a gift, they "gave" the Coast Guard Station, broken and bleeding to the beleaguered City of Cleveland. Now the taxpayers can pay to restore this wonderful structure by Milton Dyer to its original glory. This awesome building sits at the epicenter of commerce of the industrial revolution - the Coast Guard -- keeping Lake Erie safe for recreation and shipping - the life blood of our river and lake.

Our MSM doesn't cover these stories, but citizen journalists do:

No implications... I'm holdin' out for proof.

Aug 3, 08 4:20 pm  · 

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