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Hello fellow ´necters, I'm hoping your combined knowledge and experience can help me a bit...

The situation is, in short: I´ve been offered a job in Switzerland. Basel, to be exact. The mid-sized office (approx. 20-25 architects) wants me (6 years of experience) to join them as project architect. Working permits will be no problem, the language is no problem - everything is sorted out. Leaves one nuisance: the salary.

The thing is: I have no clue what would be a fitting salary in Switzerland. I know that the costs of living are a bit higher there than in the Netherlands and Germany, both places where I worked and lived before. But how much would be fitting to the position, the city and my experience? They have offered me a salary, which seems high (compared to what I'm used to in Germany), but I have no clue if it suits the Swiss context.
Online, there isn't much reliable information to be found - the range of salaries mentioned is quite extreme. There seems to be a annual salary check by the association of Swiss Engineers - but that costs 75 CHF...

I just want to make sure that I'll receive the right kind of compensation. Is there anybody with a ballpark figure to give me arought idea of what would be suited for this kind of job in Basel? I'd appreciate any kind of input!

Jul 24, 12 7:48 am

email me for an answer, data circa 2008... 

Jul 24, 12 8:26 am

hi Evan, thanks for your willingness to help me out. I can't find a way to contact you, though - there´s no email address on archinect, nor your website to be found. I hope that the gmail address on your pdf portfolio is correct, I' ve emailed you there. Thanks in advance!

Jul 24, 12 10:30 am

I don't know much about Swiss salary ranges, but 75$ (roughly converted) seems like a pretty fair price to find out information that could potentially net you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars a year...

Jul 24, 12 3:32 pm

@aphorismal: true. but at the same time, getting similar information for free isn't that bad either.

Jul 26, 12 5:50 am

To the Big Mac index! Locate your own country, and then do a ratio to covert to Swaziland! Ta ta!

Jul 26, 12 1:09 pm

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Jul 27, 12 12:03 am

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