Calling all Florida Archinecters: Emerging Professionals Conference

Are there any other 'necters out there planning on attending the AIAFLA Emerging Professionals Conference? It is happening in St. Petersburg on October 20-21. Here's the link to the information. We are having David Lewis of Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis as the keynote speaker.

There is also a design "problem" (can't call it a competition for some reason) with David Lewis, Stella Betts and Michael Bell as the jury.

Oct 4, 06 10:32 am

Also, the discount rate from the hotel ends on Friday, so make your reservations today!

Oct 4, 06 11:05 am

been pondering this one...thought you were involved...

a few of us (from my office) wanna come if we can get the registration fee etc subsidized by our firm. we'll see how that goes.

Oct 4, 06 11:11 am

looking good. we've received the first of 3 required approvals to have the registration etc. covered by the firm. What's your specific involvement in the event?

Oct 5, 06 3:35 pm

i'm one of three people from e-tba (emerging tampa bay architects, our young architects group) that lobbied for the conference to be here in st. pete rather than orlando... we also helped out with some of the planning... used our contacts to get speakers/presenters... suggested david lewis as the keynote rather than the juggling elephants guy that is the second "keynote" speaker... basically we were (un)official members of the steering committee and we tried to keep the program from sucking...

e-tba is also organizing several "after hours" events which should be fun...

we're doing the maya lin movie/welcome reception at BayWalk if you can make it to town on thursday evening...

we're arranging to have some space at the friday night shuffleboard party where all the cool hipsters in town get drunk and play shuffleboard at the world's largest shuffleboard club...

we're providing a list of "etba approved restaurants" and if we can pull off a sponsorship we'll be having a cocktail hour thing at one of the cool restaurants... i'm also gonna try to swing some drink specials at the independent, a cool beer bar that specializes in belgian brews...

finally on sunday, we're having a BBQ and pool party at north shore pool, which is a cool new public pool complex that i've been the project manager for (i work for the city), and was designed by wannemacher russell architects

Oct 5, 06 4:39 pm

nice. for starters, I hate Orlando (having went to UCF for 2 years before starting architecture at UF, and then working in Winter Park for 6 months after graduating from UF)... also, David Lewis is the main attraction (to take my weekend up with a conference)...
so...thanks and thanks (Tampa and Lewis).

we're planning on getting to Tampa on Thursday, but I'm not sure if we will make it in time for the movie...otherwise, we def. plan on attending the after-hours functions. ...drinks, shuffleboard, CHG... what more could you ask for? ;-)

I recall seeing images of the pool complex on the "jobsite pics of the day" thread. thanks for the firm link... I'm really looking forward to the trip.

Oct 5, 06 4:56 pm


AP did you get funded by your firm? have you officially signed up?

Oct 16, 06 4:55 pm

yes and yes. just registered like 10 minutes ago...

Oct 16, 06 5:00 pm

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