The Children of Frank Gehry


Does Frank Gehry have children? Are they architects? Are they fully functional? Or emotionally disturbed...In the Sydney Pollack film, he seems to have a father/son relationship with his sidekick...

Just wondering whether this was some sort of substitute for the real thing.

Sep 7, 06 2:32 pm

he has a son named...i forget but starts with an "A"

Sep 7, 06 2:38 pm

My friend works with his son. He is an artist and an art teacher. I am pretty sure he goes by Gehry, and not Goldberg.

Also, I am 99% sure his nephew called me answering a musician/band ad in Craigslist. The guy wroteDeuce Bigalow. He was a lying jerk. He said he and his other band member were 27 since my ad (a few years ago) said I was looking for a band of like-aged musicians. He was actually a bit older. Anyway, when I mentioned I was an architect (-ural intern) he said he knew Gehry which is odd becuase this guy's last name is Goldberg. I asked if he was related and he got weird like I was uncovering a dark secret about Gehry's name.

Sep 7, 06 2:44 pm

Rings a bell.

Sep 7, 06 3:02 pm

the A is Alejandro

Sep 7, 06 3:02 pm

Oh wait. Ok. Alejandro works with my friend in Brentwood. And I have heard of Sam through the same person.

Sep 7, 06 3:09 pm

i feel as though frank has several children..since that was the
whole point of the design of his new house...wasn't there a wing
for the kids?

this quote was made in an interview at some point, "My kids got interested in it, my two boys. I remarried, have two younger boys."

Sep 7, 06 3:45 pm

Ah! What if the jerk-ass Deuce Bigalow writer is an older son? He is from Toronto after all. AND he has a brother in LA. Is it possible there are 4 boys? 2 and 2 brothers?

Sep 7, 06 4:13 pm

according to google Harris Goldberg is the writer for Deuce Bigalow...i read an interview with him where he mentions that he has an older brother named Danny Goldberg...

heres a picture of Danny Goldberg couldn't find one of Harris...

Sep 7, 06 4:27 pm

Sep 7, 06 4:28 pm


Sep 7, 06 4:29 pm
Chili Davis

Harris Goldberg was born in 1972. His brother, Daniel, has been producing films since the late 60s. If they are indeed Frank's children, I would assume Harris would have to be one of the younger generation, although he is in fact 34.

Sep 7, 06 4:32 pm
Chili Davis

Also, in 1961, Gehry's family consisted of 2 daughters and no son's, so unless Daniel started producing films at the young age of 8, I doubt there is a father/son relationship here.

Sep 7, 06 4:35 pm


Sep 7, 06 4:38 pm

Yeah, Harris is the guy that called me. Two years ago he said he was 27. I confirmed his lie with IMDB and Google. What makes me think he's part of the earlier generation is the fact that he hails from Toronto, Frank Gehry's home town as well.

Or, as I originally believed, he could be a nephew.

Alejandro (and I suppose Sam) go by Gehry. This leads one to believe later generation. Although I thought Alejandro was in his thirties.

I am definitely thinking parallel lives al a What Would Louis Kahn Do.

Sep 7, 06 4:52 pm

I just re-read your comment Chili. I am sticking to my earlier belief that this is a nephew. Sam and Alejandro are second gen from LA. The daughters are from the first.

Sep 7, 06 4:54 pm

Frank Gehry AKA Ephraim Goldberg AKA Frankie Toronto

Sep 7, 06 5:13 pm
Cincinnati Kid vs. Toronto Kid

Bruce rocks.

Sep 7, 06 7:02 pm

I went to college with Alejandro. He studied Illustration at RISD. He was definitely not average, even there. He typically dressed in a double breasted suit (I specifically remember white) and walked with a cane... Not for practical purposes, but for affect.

Supposedly he created the murals for Frank Gehry's design for the Issey Miyake Store in Tribeca.

Sep 9, 06 11:02 pm

are there any "star" architects with normal lives/families? it almost seems like you have to pick one route, devote yourself to architecture or to establishing a classic 'american dream' family/lifestyle... there was a studio instructor at michigan, michael guthrie... awesome guy, great desinger, with a normal life... i wanna be like him. but do any of the guys that we all know live normal lives. i dont think you can.

Sep 9, 06 11:09 pm

apparently ando has a dog called corb... im pretty sure the dogs doing ok .

Sep 10, 06 1:57 am
expanded polystyrene


Sep 11, 06 2:30 am
Chili Davis

43N88W, Guthrie is now at LTU, and I have to agree with your comment. I never had him for studio, but everyone who did was glad. His studio is one of the best around, too.
V-G Studio

Sep 11, 06 9:06 am

Thought I had already posted this, but looks like I have to start over when I signed in.

So all of you are weird. Frank Gehry has two daughters from his first marriage. One died of cancer. He had two sons from his second marriage to Berta who are Samuel and Alejandro.

I know. Frank is my Cousin. My Grandmother was his Aunt. She was his Father’s Sister.

Gail Cohen

Sep 8, 19 11:36 pm

Hi, Gail! Why is curiosity weird?


to what extent does Frank Gehry know engineering?


like, can he calculate the metallurgy of a rivet


doth heno fracture rock mechanics inb4 do tha fraggle rox


what i'm asking is did he fail algebra


who the hell uses rivers anymore?




Gail Cohen: resurrecting a 13-year-old thread is more than a little weird. Were you searching the internet for mentions of Gehry just so you could glom your name onto them?

Chad Miller



You are a total jerk. People asked about Frank’s children. I answered.

Sep 10, 19 10:36 pm
Non Sequitur

People asked 13years ago. You answered a decade old thread.


Who is a jerk?

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