Translucent Folding Partitions

le bossman

I'm looking for some hot folding glass partition walls. Any ideas?

Aug 9, 06 3:55 pm
Sir Arthur Braagadocio

as far as I know, and I am really trying to remember the companies name, but there is a folding wall company - fol-door?? or holcomb?? that has custom possible frame, you could probably try some panelite stuff on their frame. but that is not really glass.

now i had a guy come in once and tell me he did this tommy hilfiger store with a foldable glass wall, but it was also framed in metal.

are you talking more glass less metal?

Aug 9, 06 4:35 pm
le bossman

yeah, more glass less metal. the company you may be thinking of is Hufcor

Aug 9, 06 6:32 pm
some person

Liberty Bell posted some jobsite photos of Nana Wall a few weeks ago.

As for Hufcor, I used them once and did not have a positive experience - the factory shut down during production of our wall due to mechanical failure. It was a major problem for our tight schedule.

Aug 9, 06 7:35 pm
Ms Beary

sorry for thre caps lock

Aug 10, 06 9:16 pm

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