unofficial archinect bolo ties thread

le bossman

i still don't know how to post pictures on archinect, but if you have an urge to post pictures of bolos, now's the time and place

Jul 7, 04 8:20 am
liberty bell

Man - do a google image search for "bolo tie architect" and you get nada. I was sure I'd find a pic of Libeskind wearing a baby-scorpion-ensconced-in-resin bolo.

Jul 7, 04 8:39 am
le bossman

there has to be some bolos around...i'm going to be mildly depressed if no one delivers today

Jul 7, 04 8:43 am

I am not making this up. A dude just came into my office for a meeting wearing a bolo tie. I'll see if I can be sneaky and snap a pic.

Jul 7, 04 8:58 am

le bossman meet el bolo:

Jul 7, 04 9:02 am
liberty bell

Ddot if you do it you'll be a legend for years around these parts....or at least for a few minutes. Come on, come on....

Jul 7, 04 9:11 am

in a cruel twist of bad luck, I was called in to the meeting. I couldn't believe it. My opportunity at archinect immortality seemingly lost, I spent the entire time distracted by the bolo. A simple accessory that made such a bold statement : dark brown oiled leather with silver tips on the ends, which were just slightly uneven enough to drive me nuts. The center piece was carved wood, reminiscent of the skin of a pineapple, but with some mother-of-pearl inlay that threw the entire ensemble into disarray. Alas, no photos exist to further describe my torturous ordeal. The dude just left. I don't remember a word he said.

Jul 7, 04 11:46 am
le bossman

that's hilarious....well at least i got a good story out of this. Ddot, do you mean you don't keep hidden cameras on your victims whilst in a meeting?

Jul 7, 04 11:49 am

It was driving me insane. we were meeting just two steps away from where our office digital camera is usually kept. I had gone over to grab the camera and be all sneaky-like, but the partner in charge says 'Hey, poquito! I want you to meet......' and my morning was shot.

Jul 7, 04 11:58 am
le bossman

...unbelievable...that's simply classic lol

Jul 7, 04 12:22 pm
le bossman

c'mon guys, lets see those bolos!!

Jul 7, 04 12:22 pm

Next time, Ddot, make sure to have a tiny camera attached to your temple AT ALL TIMES to capture precious moments like this on film!

You must! You simply must!

Jul 7, 04 1:40 pm

I give you his majesty, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and his legendary Sun God Bolo Tie:

Jul 7, 04 1:43 pm

My Spanish teacher in High School was from Roswell New Mexico. He was convinced that he had been probed by aliens and thus wore a space ship bolo everyday. The guy was a real nut job. Sorry no pics. Only if we would have had those handy camera phones back in the day.

Jul 7, 04 2:16 pm
le bossman

bolos! yeah!

Jul 7, 04 2:51 pm

Ddot.....I was laughing pretty hard....great story; you might yet still be getting your 15 minutes of archinect fame for that story!

Jul 7, 04 3:03 pm
le bossman
Mar 6, 05 9:46 pm
le bossman
Mar 6, 05 9:49 pm
le bossman

bolos! bolos! BOLOS! yeah!

Mar 6, 05 9:49 pm


Mar 6, 05 9:57 pm
vado retro

i love bolo!!! especially in that movie with bo derek and the guy who played arthur.

Mar 6, 05 10:31 pm

find a picture of Guy Nordenson.

Mar 6, 05 10:35 pm

Boy oh boy does that Bo Derek have a nice crotch on her!

Mar 7, 05 12:35 am
liberty bell

architechno has been bringing up some old threads, and I accidentally ran across this one today. So here it is.

Where has bossman been lately, anyway?

I need one of these:

Scorpion, silver studs, arrowhead shape: at least three Old West references, please. If only it had some turquoise on it!

Mar 21, 07 11:10 pm

I used to have a bolo tie

Mar 21, 07 11:52 pm
brian buchalski

there's actually a slim possibility that bossman has been strangled to death by a bolo tie in some dingy, western saloon style bar brawl fight.

speaking of which, i've recently been tempted to add a "whatever happened to so-and-so" thread...but i could remember anybody who had disappeared

Mar 22, 07 12:04 am
Gabe Bergeron

ninja bolo!

Mar 22, 07 11:22 am

tee hee

Mar 22, 07 12:39 pm

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