Clip images - where to buy?


Hello All,

The image below is from a online magazine  called 'loft' typical design magazine, but I saw this photoshop rendering of a master plan located in Hong Kong. The photoshop skills and amazing and beautiful! the style and composition of the image makes me drool.

My question is, does have a nice modern collection of art clips? (trees/ people/ cars/ furniture) I had a 4gb collection of clip art from the 1990's. People's clothing, design, and colors do not do most of my renderings justice.

If anyone is out there looking sell/ trade/ or donate a copy of their collection that would be awesome. If anyone ever comes to Portland and looking for a day tour guide, i would love to sit down and have a cup of coffee/ beer/ waffle with you.



Jan 23, 12 12:41 pm

buy some fashion, product, interior design magazines etc and scan it off them.

Apr 9, 13 12:42 am

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