How do I do it? What's the Answer?


This is the new thread dedicated to things you don't know about and would like the answers to. It might do well in condensing all the 3D Max questions, Illustrator questions, and what-have-you on to one thread. It may also help in answering, "what is the meaning of life?" or what are the natural remedies for an ulcer? or the I have a rash that I think I got from the architect one cubicle over. what is it?

I'll start.
I want to save a screen shot of a page on the internet and put it into a powerpoint file. How do I do it? What's the answer?

Mar 8, 06 11:01 am

you on a pc or mac?

Mar 8, 06 11:04 am


Mar 8, 06 11:04 am

if you have a full keyboard there is a button right above your insert button called print screen. click it and it will take a snapshot of your monitor window and paste it to the clip board...go into photoshop, ctrl n, ctrl v, save as jpg, go into power point and import image object.

Mar 8, 06 11:07 am

thanks Jason.

Mar 8, 06 11:10 am

expanding on what jason said, alt+printscreen will get you just the program you have in the foreground, rather than the whole desktop. saves some cropping in some situations.

Mar 8, 06 11:47 am

Along manamana's thread, once you've alt-printscreened, you can just paste it (ctrl-v) directly into PowerPoint and use the crop tool in PP instead of dealing with Photoshop.

Mar 8, 06 12:06 pm

or you could just right click and hit "copy image", then go into powerpoint and right click on the slide and hit "Paste image" or go to edit and hit "paste image" or hit ctrl-v

Mar 8, 06 2:35 pm

copy image will not give you a screenshot of the page.

Mar 8, 06 5:27 pm

Also, you can photograph the screen, print it out, crop it, and scan it ever so carefully.

Mar 8, 06 6:46 pm

Ok. Next question.

Mar 8, 06 6:47 pm

Is there any way of being able to get/use commands that don't appear in AutoCAD LT, such as overkill, flatten etc. Short of updating, is there a way of either programming these in [which I would have a hard time doing], or some other way of installation?



Mar 8, 06 8:23 pm

i forget can LT use lisp routines?

Mar 8, 06 8:46 pm

No idea - all I know about LISP is that I dont have one.

Mar 8, 06 8:47 pm
Living in Gin

I'm 99.99% certain that AutoCAD LT does not support LISP routines. You'd need the full version of AutoCAD for that stuff.

Mar 8, 06 9:50 pm


Mar 8, 06 9:56 pm

The answer, of course, is 42.

Surely I'm not the first one to think of posting this. Just the first one with the opportunity, perhaps?

Mar 9, 06 12:20 am

following on from that the obvious response:

whats the question?

Mar 9, 06 1:21 am
Try Google
Mar 9, 06 10:28 am

How do you set up eye-level views in Rhino? Mine are seeming skewed ...
thanx guys

Mar 9, 06 10:50 am

I think that Try Google has got to rank as one of the best newbies, right up there with Silent Disapproval Robot, before he got all talkie.

upside down, ever read or seen "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"?

Mar 9, 06 11:03 am


so long and thanks for all the fish?

Mar 9, 06 11:28 am

when do you know your not gonna be offered a job?
let me explain, i am about to graduate in may, i was just hired part time at a firm i respect and would probably do well to work for aftre graduation. i was told through the grapevine that it was a trial thing and if they liked my work i would be offered a full time job. given that its mid march and other friends are nailing down jobs, how long should i hold out for a job here? (ps, i have other interviews already lined up, so im not putting all my proverbial eggs in one proverbial basket)

Mar 9, 06 12:17 pm

it's not a game that requires a tricky strategy, lletdownl. i'd go to the person responsible for bringing you in and ask what the possibilities are for you continuing with the office.

in other words, talk to them instead of guessing or depending on a grapevine.

Mar 9, 06 12:58 pm
el jeffe

How does everyone else keep a towel with them at all times?

Mar 9, 06 1:29 pm

el jeffe, was this intended for the Post Your Joke thread?

Mar 9, 06 1:34 pm


rhino to 3dsmax?
I can't figure out the correct import/export to get it to work.


Mar 9, 06 4:32 pm
FOG Lite

I usually draw a line 5'-6' above the ground with the termini being the target and camera location, then do a place camera and target. Then fiddle with the mm and what not until it's all screwed up again. Rinse and repeat.

There are also a series of button + right click commands that let you play with the target, pitch and yaw, etc.

shift right click=pan
ctrl+right click=zoom
shift+alt+right click = roll
ctrl+alt+right click= move target

You can play around with those a bit to help you get the view right. The hardest thing is getting your vanishing points and horizon line working, a lot of computer created perspective renderings never end up looking quite right.

Try Google is going to have +2k entries in a matter of days.

Mar 9, 06 4:33 pm

Gasp, try saving flie in Rhino as a DWG. Get rid of any unwanted plines, points, 2d geometry. Make sure you have organised your objects into corresponding layers for eas of use, because I find trying to select anything in Max/Viz to be infuriating.

It will ask you some options on saving in Rhino. Depending on your version [I have 2.0] tick polylines, meshes and polyface meshes. Tick use simple entities. Tick Autocad Version 2000.

In max, import the DWG file into a new scene. Make sure that you dont combine similar objects, and be sure to insert all layers.

See how you go. Other, more experienced people might have a better way, but I find that that works best for me.


Mar 9, 06 4:40 pm
FOG Lite

you can also export your layers via 3ds files. Using the "export selected" is usually the best way to go about it, using select objects from the layer dialog or otherwise. There's also a sweet little plug-in that does a pretty good job available from Npower Software.

Mar 9, 06 4:50 pm

OK- thanks diabase and FOG Lite. I am going to try those now.

Mar 9, 06 4:52 pm

FOG Lt, that was so HELPFUL! Thank you!

Mar 9, 06 4:56 pm


does the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal poo in the woods?

Mar 9, 06 8:19 pm

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