DUCKBILL folks gone crazy


These painter dudes have gone crazy!!! has anyone here seen this nutty video of painters comparing the best dust masks????/

Looks like the DUCKBILL rules.
Thank you
:) Duckbill

Mar 1, 06 2:10 am

no thank you.

why are all the things people send me on youtube advertising masquerading as satire?

hmm, its just like finding out that the hot girl who just bought you a vodka is working for absolut?

Mar 1, 06 3:38 am

I look forward to the Duckbill person becoming a lasting institution of archinect a la liberty bell or ACFA.

see you around, mr. Bill

Mar 1, 06 8:21 am

This guy was crazy...

Mar 1, 06 12:39 pm
Mar 1, 06 12:40 pm
A Center for Ants?

oh my god!

i'm an institution? and equated on the level of liberty bell!! superheavy, thank you. but liberty bell is probably a much better person/archinector and designer than i.

Mar 1, 06 2:48 pm
liberty bell

Awww, ACfA, thank you, that's so sweet! I already emailed SuperHeavy privateyl, trying to avoid bumping up this thread, and told him thank you, but I'll say here in public that I'm the one who is flattered to be included as an institution with super-cool you!

Of course no one here would like me if they knew that secretly I look exactly like that guy above with the palette....kee-rrrazy!

Mar 1, 06 6:10 pm

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