Which of these animals is cuter


So this guy in studio and I were arguing which is cuter.

#1, this crap ass dog

#2, this totally awesome red panda

Feb 20, 06 4:29 pm
A Center for Ants?

red panda. hands down. the corgi ain't got nothin'...

Feb 20, 06 4:37 pm
liberty bell

What about this baby porcupine?

Or this baby kangaroo AKA a joey (which make shim even more adorable)??

Or this utterly incredible baby tapir???

All these guys and more at just a little guy

Feb 20, 06 4:53 pm

Red Panda still wins

Feb 20, 06 5:07 pm

Hasselhoff, was this conversation happening whilst you guys were doing your nails and playing with each others hair?

Feb 20, 06 5:08 pm

just about anything baby is cute. look at that tapir though. oh so sweet.

Feb 20, 06 5:09 pm

And i'll go panda and tapir - Corgi's have unsightly oversized ears.

Feb 20, 06 5:09 pm

only #1 is a real dog. the others just wish they were as cool as dogs are. wannabes....

Feb 20, 06 5:11 pm

Once, while living in Columbus, OH I stepped on one of these by accident. It was late night and the mother had the babies out. I grabbed it and put in in a box and took it inside. It appeared to have a broken leg so I opened the phonebook. No animal hospitals were open, so I released in hope the mother would get it back. Doubtful.


Feb 20, 06 5:14 pm


Feb 20, 06 5:16 pm

hassel, you've done an outstanding job presenting the question. deadpan.

Feb 20, 06 5:24 pm

corgi's are in my opinion one step above chihuahaus (spelling?), and i hate those.

red panda is cuter, but probably can't run after and catch balls/frisbees.

here is a baby lemur...

...not very cute

Feb 20, 06 5:39 pm

honestly, I find that red panda to be kindof scary. I'll go with crap ass dog.

but here's some real cuteness:

Feb 20, 06 5:39 pm

definitely not cute {click at your own risk} link

Feb 20, 06 5:42 pm

I think everyone can agree that the PANDOG is the cutest of them all:

Feb 20, 06 5:44 pm
Feb 20, 06 5:45 pm


whats even more messed up is the owner not putting it down

Feb 20, 06 5:50 pm

for all your cuteness needs visit

Feb 20, 06 5:53 pm

also not cute; the torino mascot - what is that a drunk lecherous italian ice cube ... wha?? why??

what's up with its teeth?

Feb 20, 06 6:01 pm

Those baby otters rule.

Feb 20, 06 6:01 pm
Feb 20, 06 6:02 pm
crazed toaster

you all are crazy, the corgi is fucking cute

Feb 20, 06 6:20 pm

maybe from the neck up

Feb 20, 06 6:41 pm

j-turns mutant dog has passed away some time ago. It was in "all the papers" according to a friend of mine. Probably for the best.

In comparison this baby kangaroo is sort of cute:

Feb 20, 06 6:44 pm

i was in near taos new mexico when a group of wild horses showed up out of nowhere, swormed around me and actually created a wind, checking me out, and disappeared as fast as they appeared. that was the most unforgetable experience i've had with wild animals and these horses were the freest thing i have seen in my life. i wonder how many wild horses are still freely roaming out there?
since that experience, wild horses represent freedom for me..i was in tears.

Feb 20, 06 7:03 pm
some person

DC's cutest diplomat.

Panda Cam

Feb 20, 06 7:17 pm

he is beautiful

Feb 20, 06 9:08 pm

yanomamo girl's bird is really cute

Feb 20, 06 9:15 pm
Carl Douglas (agfa8x)

Red Panda is very cute. There's a couple at my local zoo. I also like the baby lemurs.

But i'm sorry. This guy is the winner. He needs to be reposted several times:

Feb 20, 06 9:59 pm
liberty bell

garpike, garpike...the truth finally comes out! It wasn't turning around to talk to someone that broke your leg, it was the spirit of that darling bunny you stomped upon, come back to seek revenge a la the Killer Bunny in the Holy Grail:

That rabbit's DYNAMITE! Run Away!!

Feb 20, 06 10:09 pm
sporadic supernova

Aww ... isn't ol' Sam cute !!!

Feb 20, 06 11:58 pm
sporadic supernova

oh crap !!... now that actually scared me !!

Feb 20, 06 11:58 pm

Hasselhoff...dont mind me argue these topics with your studio mates???????

Feb 21, 06 1:04 am

I'd rather argue about the cuteness of red pandas than the validity of non-linear emergent typologies any day. Actually if you must ruin the mystery, he said Corgis are cute, and I said no, red pandas are better. So I took 3 seconds to post the question for you on Archinect. Listen to the shit people talk about in studio when you sit with the same people 18 hours a day. Come on. Other people are enjoying the thread. JEEZ. Long live red panda!

Feb 21, 06 2:03 am

No thats ok...hasselhoff, I meant were you doing an all-nighter ?

Whati was implying is that generally these off-beat topics happen in the wee hours of morningduring coffee breaks when architecture/work is chucked out of the window in the studio.

like this time ,during a group all-nighter ,in college when two of my sleep-deprived female classmates started a loud animated conversation about the merits and demerits of various tampons avalaible in the market and their personal experiences with some of them.

Their conversation ended abruptly when they found 3 other feamle classmates staring at them open mouthed and 6 other of us guys grinning away to glory.

Feb 21, 06 2:16 am

but back to the thread.

This one is as cute or cuter than the red panda.

Feb 21, 06 2:34 am
sporadic supernova
Feb 21, 06 5:01 am
sporadic supernova
Feb 21, 06 5:02 am

perhaps the cutest animal of all time:

the slow loris

ps - the dog beats the red panda every day of the week

Feb 21, 06 8:34 am

that is the wrong question

rather which one is cuter - this?

or this one?

Feb 21, 06 10:50 am
Feb 21, 06 11:33 am

This reminds me of a recent South Park episode where the boys were producing a news show for a class but were getting whipped in the ratings by their classmate Craig, whose show was titled "Cute Animals Filmed with a Wide Angle Lens" or something like that. It was later found that the wide angle lens show was doing so well because the entire student body was hooked on cough syrup.

Nyquil, anyone?

Feb 21, 06 11:42 am
R.C. Barn

I had a baby once, not so cute...

Feb 21, 06 11:45 am

lb, the truth sometimes hurts.

Feb 21, 06 12:45 pm

The frog hat is better. The one with the dew rag reminds me of that guy that sang "Rico Suave."

Feb 21, 06 1:02 pm
Feb 21, 06 1:37 pm
Feb 21, 06 7:13 pm


Feb 21, 06 7:15 pm

The unit is stuck down and will fall off when the animal moults.

Feb 21, 06 8:09 pm

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