Thinking of getting a Honda Shadow this spring:

ofcourse it will be much older ($2k limit) and this is my first bike that I'll own...don't want something pricy that I'll probably drop a couple times. Already have my license...any suggestions people?

Feb 15, 06 5:26 pm
Feb 15, 06 5:27 pm


Feb 15, 06 5:28 pm

I ride an R6 and love it.

Feb 15, 06 5:30 pm
Feb 15, 06 5:47 pm
el jeffe

one of these days.....

to replace the katana 600 i used to have...

Feb 15, 06 5:56 pm
el jeffe

a standard like the shadow looks like an easy bike to learn on.
i took my driver's test on my katana - i was sweating bullets keeping the bike balanced around all of those damn cones at low speed...while the DMV inspector just stands and watches you with a clipboard in their hands...ugh....

Feb 15, 06 6:02 pm
A Center for Ants?

one day i will have my own BMW R71

Feb 15, 06 6:02 pm
A Center for Ants?

Feb 15, 06 6:04 pm

My current bike. I couldn't keep my hands off of it, so it's become a winter project.

It used to be a Honda CBR600...

Feb 15, 06 6:11 pm
el jeffe

what are you doing to it slant?

Feb 15, 06 6:15 pm


how big of a physical model can you fit in that sidecar?...those cases are cool can store paper, laptop, food, etc in there while going back and forth from architecture school and home

Feb 15, 06 6:15 pm

thinking about the cbr series, but some ladies don't like the sports style, but everyone likes a good cruiser.

And when i got my license i took one of those weekend courses at a community college. For 2 full days (dawn to dusk) they had you run a series of courses, then tested you on those exact same courses at the end of the 2nd day. If you passed, they gave you a safety course completion card. I took that card to the DMV and they made a photocopy and gave me my Moto license immediately (no test with the DMV) and my insurance is half off!

Feb 15, 06 6:16 pm


I went that route too...although i had to take a written test but not the actual

Feb 15, 06 6:18 pm
el jeffe

by the way, we can't lane-split in new mexico so that takes away half of the fun and efficiency for me since i learned to ride in california and kind of expect to do that when i'm riding. what are the rules in other states? i've sometimes thought of trying to get the legislature here to allow lane-splitting but i doubt it would happen even though there's no helmet law here.

Feb 15, 06 6:18 pm

The Shadow is definitely the right choice for your first bike.

I ride a Triumph Speed Triple. I almost got a Ducati, but the price of admission and astronomical maintenance costs made it rather cost prohibitive!

Feb 15, 06 6:19 pm
even though there's no helmet law here.

helmet is optional?...that's nuts!

Feb 15, 06 6:21 pm
el jeffe

re: sport bikes, my wife was kind of ambivalent about my katana until one day she rode with me to school. there was an open stetch of 6-lane pavement with no cars so I throttled it and ran up the gears. when we got to school her eyes were big and she had a huge smile on here face and said something like "Wow, that was really fun!" She's a convert now....

Feb 15, 06 6:23 pm
Chilly Willy

If you like the eastern block sidecar looking thing, check out urals. They do kind of look like they were put together with a flathead screwdriver and crescent wrench but, damn are they oldtimey.

Feb 15, 06 6:25 pm
el jeffe

yeah i know damnson...i'm constantly surpised how stupid most riders here in ABQ are...riding in the center of the lane, tailgating, no helmet, keeping the same pace as traffic.

Feb 15, 06 6:27 pm
el jeffe

dammson - sorry.

Feb 15, 06 6:27 pm

one of this days.....




Feb 15, 06 6:30 pm

i'm with mdler. ducati monster.

Feb 15, 06 6:32 pm

southpole - that's a hardtail chopper (no rear suspension) and it doesn't have a seat for your lady friend. Probably wouldn't be too comfortable on Hwy 101 for very long!!!

Yup, the Duc Monsters are dead sexy to look at. Riding and maintaining one, not so sexy.

Feb 15, 06 6:37 pm

Come on! have a little imagination- she can ride backwards on the tank- will be stopping often to check out the view-

Feb 15, 06 6:40 pm
when we got to school her eyes were big and she had a huge smile on here face and said something like "Wow, that was really fun!"


Feb 15, 06 6:41 pm

Good answer southpole. Good answer.

I was just attempting to keep things a bit PC!

Feb 15, 06 6:42 pm

I just lost my Honda Hawk NT650. Little ol' lady floored it out of her driveway and we collided. Can't wait to get another one but first my dislocated elbow must heal. Can't stress this enough for all you riders ALWAYS wear your gear. I was about 100 yards from my house going about 20 mph. You never know when it will happen.

Any of you riders located in LA ?

Feb 15, 06 6:54 pm
el jeffe

sorry paperboy.
good advice.

Feb 15, 06 6:58 pm

vespa gt 125, the 1966 model with a little fin on the handlebar. dark grey with the original chromes.
ducati monsters are for smal people, and although it's a home product for me, it's not the easiest thing to mantain...

speed triple all the way, otherwise

as much fun as can be had on two wheels.

Feb 15, 06 7:08 pm

i mean, it's a 600 cc single cilinder...immagine the kick on this one...

Feb 15, 06 7:11 pm

Yeah those supermotard thumpers are cool but not really my cup of tea. I looked at a KTM SuperDuke a couple weeks ago - very Mad Max looking!

Feb 15, 06 7:14 pm

Until my previous wish comes true, I will be sing around town in my two wheeler:

$4.50 in gas per week, less than a subway sandwich.

Feb 15, 06 7:34 pm

these fuckers build one of these every week for tv show next to my studio space. they are called 'Built Thugs'. i've never seen it on tv but people say they are real. those bikes make a lot of noise and after the show they sell them to rich bikers like jay leno, cher, arnold etc. for many K's.

Feb 15, 06 7:53 pm

there are tons of those types of bikes here in Denver. Damn rear tires are almost as big as my cars (and my cars are large). Amazing how much people will pay for them. Annoying that the police barely enforce the sound limit laws (although they did have one or two crack downs, but there are a lot of bikes). Damn annoying.

I third the Ducati Monster. Can't say I love the fact that harley owns them, but they are great looking bikes - sporting in a sophisticated way. If I wasn't worried about losing a leg or my head, I'd go for one. Miss the days of the CBRs and Hurricanes (eventually sold my bikes for my first computer). Priorities can be boring.

Feb 15, 06 8:01 pm
bigness're vespista! respect dude!
i guess all in all a monster is the easiest all the fixing u will have to do on it, you'll be an expert mechanic in no time!

Feb 15, 06 8:05 pm

this is what i want -

Feb 15, 06 8:10 pm

my gf's monster in her office

Feb 15, 06 9:37 pm
vado retro

unlucky motorcyclists

Feb 15, 06 10:14 pm
vado retro

and another

Feb 15, 06 10:21 pm

I couldn't decide if I was going to buy a plasma TV or Motorcycle, my friend suggested that I compromise and by a moped and a 15incher.

Feb 15, 06 11:23 pm

how abt a kawasaki ninja

Feb 16, 06 2:17 am

or a honda blackbird

Feb 16, 06 2:18 am

or if you can afford it...( mileage (2.5 Kms Per litre) + maintanence )

The Hunter of the rest of this planet's bikes ....

An Hayabusa GSX 1300R

and fitted with nitros !...ah ha !

Feb 16, 06 2:28 am

Pantera Dragster.

custom made bike

Feb 16, 06 2:37 am
el jeffe


I have a few things left to do, but basically most if it's done:

-removal of all plastic (the bike was covered in the stuff)
-remove rear taillight and turn signals
-install new headlight fairing
-new taillight with turn signal integrator (not legal, but meh)
-new gauges
-new footpegs
-new complete exhaust system
-modified front fender (it was super ugly before)
-chop and fabricate rear-most section of subframe
-fabricate integrated rear fender (under seat)
-relocate rear master cylinder
-relocate fuel pump
-relocate CDI unit
-relocate oil cooler
-relocate fuse box
-new front sprocket (for more wheelie fun)
-new rear sprocket
-new chain
-stainless steel front brake lines....

And probably a few other things. Here's a more recent picture:

Feb 16, 06 11:15 am
Feb 16, 06 12:39 pm

meet the 'whizzer.'

Feb 16, 06 12:39 pm


didnt pee wee herman ride something like that??

Feb 16, 06 12:43 pm

maybe he did. i sure like to have one..
btw, a trivia, pee wee is a cal-arts graduate.

Feb 16, 06 12:58 pm

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