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Since May 2005, I have generated approximately 8.0gb of work related material. This is drawings, models, graphics, text files. No photos, music, miscellanea.

Total 8.0gb
9 months = 880mb per month
36 weeks [allowing 3 weeks holiday] = 250mb per week
Daily - 50mb per day

Give me your stats.

Jan 30, 06 9:10 pm
liberty bell

I've drunk about six cups of coffee a day and logged less than six hours of sleep a night since 11 December.

(Sorry, diabase, I don't know how to calculate your way!!)

Jan 30, 06 9:29 pm

diabase, you are missing one stat. How many files?

Once, while in school, I put a panel in the top right corner of a huge presentation board. The panel was labeled something like "Project Statistics" and listed the gigabytes, number of files, and folders, and so forth. I knew no one would look. Damn.

Jan 30, 06 9:44 pm

Folders: 66
Files: 1089

Liberty that's alot of coffee, your tripling my best!

Jan 30, 06 9:49 pm

it's all about quality not quantity.

Jan 30, 06 10:02 pm


Jan 30, 06 10:16 pm

that said, i have roughly 8.77gb of client work for last year. that does not include personal work.

Jan 30, 06 10:24 pm

Same,. This is pure work - no personal stuff.

Come on, lets see some stats.

Jan 30, 06 10:30 pm
liberty bell

Umm, OK, just office-related work: I think I have 425 MB since 10 October 2005 when I installed a new hard drive. So that would be, umm, let me calculate, umm, yeah: not as much work as you guys.

But I do have two file drawers full of cut sheets, materials samples, and marker-colored hand sketches. And a ton of work-related emails that I can't calculate. Plus hours and hours of cell phone pressed to ear. Sometimes while driving.

Jan 30, 06 10:40 pm
liberty bell

Oh and it's 20 minutes til 11PM local time and I'll be working another two hours at least. I do work hard, I do! I just don't use the computer that intensively, sorry.

Except for Archinecting, of course.

Jan 30, 06 10:42 pm

Well liberty, going by your coffee stats, you do 3 times more work than I do, and all good. Found another office yet?

Jan 30, 06 10:44 pm

no one's gonna believe it..but 55 gb...which included 5 walkthru avi movis...

mostly massive photoshop files of artwork etc (work in an art direction company)...

Jan 30, 06 11:08 pm

liberty bell, im assuming you are mainly doing CAD work, and for that 425 MB is a lot of work in what, 4 months!!! my 55 gb, which actually is for the past year includes not even 400 mb of CAD files!

Jan 30, 06 11:09 pm
liberty bell

Thanks for asking, diabase - no new office yet. And don't see one on the near horizon, sadly. The one that was stolen from us was really our ideal set-up. Oh well, spring is coming, the basement will warm up soon!

How many MB does my 1600 archinect posts calculate to I wonder?

Jan 30, 06 11:25 pm

lb, this isn't an exact science but if every one of your messages contained the same number of characers as your last post, spaces included, this is what you'd get.

lb's last post (after Archinect html)=464bytes

464 bytes * 1600 = 742400 bytes

742400 bytes /1024 bytes/KB = 725 KB

725 KB/1024 KB/MB = 0.708 MB

If every message was the same length as your last, you would have racked up 0.71 MB.

Jan 30, 06 11:59 pm
liberty bell

oh god garpike I'm sorry you're so boooooored!!!!!!

Jan 31, 06 12:01 am

Ha ha ha a bored nerd.

Jan 31, 06 12:02 am
some person

My unit of measure is gray hair. I'm at about 40-50% right now.

Gray hair is the sign of hard work

In terms of work product, I have substantially more sketches on trace than gigabytes of files.

Feb 14, 06 11:01 pm

dca, but over how much time? and how old are you now?

Feb 14, 06 11:37 pm

been off from work since 08/01 (01/08 for the you yanks)

i've accummulated 2.4gb of which only 3% is music - the biggest % has been cache files from constant net surfing, image saving, and dwf/dwg files

also interesting is that its been over a year since someone responded to this post...

bored am I~!

Mar 16, 07 8:19 pm
Sir Arthur Braagadocio

since school started including free lance (6 months worth)

20 GB

Mar 16, 07 8:37 pm

hmm...not sure about an overall number...

but since January 2006 i have accrued 3.2gb of personal stuff on my company's server. this includes the breuer charrette, other non-work competitions, and 1.4gb of design process for a non-profit that I co-founded last April. I type this at 8:04pm on a Saturday night, as I sit at the office, working on personal stuff (my laptop at home is slow, and I don't have Microstation or Adobe Creative Suite)

so, the 'on the firm's server' stats:

Total 3.2gb

14 months = 228.5mb per month
57 weeks [allowing 3 weeks holiday] = 56mb per week
Daily - 8mb per day

Mar 17, 07 8:11 pm

It seems to me that the amount of stuff I generate at any particular time is just a matter of how much space there is to fill up.

In the early 90s when I was in college I had a huge box of floppy disks that contained my life's work. Of course at the time it took a whole night in the school computer lab for a 3D application to figure out the intersection of one doughnut shape with another, and I considered any file over about 500k to be huge. Getting an 8 1/2 x 11 color print of the project meant walking to Kinkos and paying $9 per page.

In the mid 90s I combined the whole box of floppy disks onto 2 or 3 zip disks and thought how sad it was that it filled up so little space. Through grad school I produced a body of work that filled about 30 of those 100Mb zip disks.

A few years later I put all of those on CDs and again thought about the paltry physical presence of my body of work. My first few internships and my side projects produced a Hammermil paper boxes full of CDs.

You can see how this pattern works. I just keep up with the available media I guess. I have a currently full 80gb hard drive at home, and a half a Hammermil box full of DVDs of old project files.

At work I had a few GB on the server, until last week when the server was accidentally wiped out by the IT guy while working on some unannounced system maintenance. The part of that total that was firm projects had been backed up and was restored the next day. But the part that was personal stuff was lost, because the IT guy didn't know it was there, so didn't back it up.

Mar 17, 07 8:41 pm

...note to self...

Mar 17, 07 9:11 pm
Sir Arthur Braagadocio

this is v true bloopex
back in the day on my commodore 128 i was proud when my code took up more than 2k, now my code and altered max files areive at 128mb

Mar 18, 07 12:52 am

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