Would have been nice



It is not becaurse I am not having a good time with SterretArt, but it would have been nice, if you guy's had welcomed the impac 3dh have had in architecture. Realy I rather would have used my AutoCAD app. develober skills, to display some new visions building ontop 3dh, so all you fancy graphics lovers, could have enjoyed the privilige, of designing nice cheap homes or fancy museums. ---- Realy isn't it time to allow Per Corell the credits you all know is due, for the impac of a brilliant idea ?

Again, true a lot of people like the paintings, but realy I did leave the acadamy after participating a huge contest here i denmark, and who would think the replys for sharing, would be such a disaster, as it became.

Dec 8, 11 6:00 am

ehh. welcome back? but, no.

Dec 8, 11 7:10 am

That seems to be a pretty good likeness of Per, bit is it really him?

(I mean the text, not the image, btw.)

Dec 8, 11 7:54 am


Dec 8, 11 7:10 am
ehh. welcome back? but, no."

Seem you agrea 3dh were the new black, -- so what is the real reason for the "No" ?

Dec 8, 11 8:38 am

3DH is the new black, indeed.  Can your render that, um, humanoid above with 3DH lingerie?!  Thanks, per!

Dec 8, 11 8:53 am



Dec 8, 11 9:02 am

 It's been here for a long time, -- yet today 3dh is aswell an option for hollow spaces in instant prototype pieces. What is better to fill into emty spaces and beside, there are no need for any overlap fittings.

Dec 8, 11 9:07 am


Guess some expected something quite like this, spotting the subject, "Hi all you fancy graphics lovers", -- must be the reason for so much fury.

Dec 8, 11 9:32 am

OK, just because there are a LOT of new users here on the 'nect since the relaunch in spring, I'll try to explain:

Per Corell is the innovator of a construction system called 3DH, and was the instigator of an epic, epic thread - the only one to ever rival Thread Central - called "Hi all you fancy graphics lovers".  Try searching for it; it may have ultimately been deleted as it got nasty frequently.

I enjoy the energy Per brings to this site, but a lot of regulars disagree with me.

Dec 8, 11 10:41 am
Joe Brewer

Thank God you explained that Donna.  I felt like I was on the outside of a huge inside joke.  Interesting....

Dec 8, 11 11:00 am
Joe Brewer

BTW, the thread is still out there:


Dec 8, 11 11:01 am

Thank's Donna, Sometimes It can be difficult to explain these things, when english is not your prime language. I never realy understood that fury that surfaced, -- all I wanted was to share a good idea with many aspects, and at the time it was published many years ago, there wasn't much like 3dh where the basic idea, is to ask a program to generate a structure that can be build, from a 3D model made from Solids.  Realy that was all -- the idea that a program can "look" at Solid entities and from that generate a structural framework, --- well today you proberly say "and then what" , as that is not so far fetched,  but back then "the regular" with the exception of a few that realised it was possible and even a good idea, simply stated it was not possible, as you can not trust a computer drawing.  ---  anyway NASA put four ingeneers to check otu the 3dh in it's most primitive form, and concluted that it could be used "for small commersial and sports planes" and a chinese magazin pblished a 5000 word article about it, -- still "The regulars" would not accept even to offer the credit, for something no one thought possible before, --- "It is not possible" ,  Why allway's have been a wonder for me, as realy I was met by fury only becaurse I published a good idea.


Dec 8, 11 11:36 am


See, even when years later an architect win a contest, with a full-blown 3dh structure, -- "the regular" will not allow the credits for this idea that had so much attention here and many other places on the web. -- it was only after 3dh was published, these structures  -- that was never explained, won contest all over the world, even those architects just before had a compleatly different personal style, --- But still you see answers like the previous "No" . 

Dec 8, 11 11:55 am

I agrea my intension, was not the spetacular display's. My goal was rather that of offering a new way to put things together, so one material not one hundred of different things, could build a house. Ontop I thought it would be handy, when computers was used in a different way, than the useal accounting tool and the Lego thinking, that equal shaped blocks are the solution, when computers could shape each individual building block just as efficient even all was different. Cheap houses, strong structures, a new way to use the computer for a digital production.  Even then, "the regular, kept asking "But Per, how do you keep out the rain ?".  Well it seem spetacular architecture don't need to keep out the rain -- as you see in the previous post.

Btw, -- it were the structure you see here, that started the fury It was when I displayed that -- a different way to build, fury started.. The lesson I learned was never to do that, not to share a good idea. Now you know..


Dec 8, 11 12:50 pm

a different way to build, fury started

That statement has probably been made over and over since man first moved out of caves and laid two sticks on top of one another.

BTW Per on the LAST page of Hi all you fancy graphics lovers none other than abracadabra himself gives you full credit and wonders why you've never been acknowledged as an innovator for 3dh.  So that's high praise.  But I still wish you'd stop posting images of that lady's ass.

Dec 8, 11 3:53 pm

Why Donna why do you ask him to stop posting images of the lady's ass? It is so much better than any of the 3dh crap that he as ever posted...

Dec 8, 11 5:49 pm

If it takes the lady's ass to get my attention, then so be it...

Dec 8, 11 7:02 pm

I'm FB friends with Per, and trust me that ass is all over my FB feed, black and white, grey, sepia'd, rasterized, solarized, pixelated....

Dec 8, 11 9:14 pm


Donna, I reconise what you say, -- but please think of like this, that it is only the colored version of that particular a**,  In fact that motiv is years old and the Paper Dolls quite new, still while doing the Paper Doll project --- ment for a Lace pattern book with vintage applications and Lace patterns, -- I collected all I had of Alpha Female stuff. 

Please allow me to return to answer a few of the other issues.

Dec 9, 11 9:18 am


See what I mean, I am sure Donna that this don't offend as the colored one,  These two pieces has been allowed to stay there for more than two years, and I heard the one to the left mentioned as "Our local  little mermaid " --- Note it is a cowork with the german StreetArt Master "Seak" -- guess you can guess who delivered what.

Dec 9, 11 9:27 am

Let me be clear: the ass doesn't offend me, I'm just tired of seeing it.  It's nice to see the newer Paper Doll works instead.

Dec 9, 11 10:06 am

Yes D. I fully understand, -- I learned to look forwerts and positive, still my claim is that there would have been so much to add the original 3dh idea. I find it lazy when I see all sorts of 3dh lookalikes more in the old fasion geostatic structure fasion, But 3dh offer so much more, -- what I lost were the oppotunity to gather fonds, this way --- as 3dh offer so many gains compared what is thought advanced,  decades old structural attitudes.  But beside that, I am fighting to justify an attitude, that a piece of art, can aswell be uncovering new horisons, show there are new way's to put two things together -- The simpler the bigger impac, But how much time does a man have.

Dec 9, 11 11:10 am

Well --- I now am a painter. Done that for 10 years now after looking out the windows in my new flat , ground floor, -- and looking strait into the most ugly Graffiti face painted on the fence opposite my windows.  Started with a new nickname "SilverScreen" , and please go to Google and check "Per Corell Silverscreen" or "perCorell" and enjoy the images. Recently I realised that the StreetArt technikes I develobed with my winter Airbrush work, offer new oprions for Wallpaintings. Today all the paintings I made, have been vectorised so I can cut multy layer Stencils in a standard 70X100 Cm on my cutter plotter. -- Yes my old Calcomb 1042 finaly gave up and I replaced it with a cheap chinese cutter-plotter. But in short words that mean, that the images you find seartching on google on my name, can be used and sold for wallpaintings in a good size, a good size for paintings dirrectly on the walls that is. Replacing the tradisional oil painting and what I realised was, that now you can take your wall paintings with you, to your new flat and paint the old wall paintings over.  

White walls and wall paintings just love that, beside selling those paintings as huge stencils I can offer a smart Airbrush I invented for use in StreetArt, one that wotk with a simple gardensprayer -- just look at YouTube for my name there to Iplacea a few video's to explain how a complete airbrush with pump, can be made easy, for less then 30 $  or check this ;

I today give one free with each Stencil for wallpainting I sell;

Can't put to huge graphich here so look at the link, a 3 layer Stencil with blank that offer you a new way to enjoy images on your walls, anyone can spray on the paint or you just ask a profesional painter ;

Well this was to tell the regular posters here, what happened to Per Corell. Realy I had that many new idears that could have explained 3dh in a way so you would have understood it's potentials, but it never came so far sad, as from my point of view no structure I seen, realy displayed what wonders would be possible, how the small defects in 3dh easily could have been let to new develobments adding even more visions -- but visions ..... not in architecture there there are only room for "borrowing" and the credit for great new idears, you can read about in said tread. 

I found much more in painting, I love painting and adding my tallent, being putting just a bit innovation into it, as today fine arts just like architecture, kind of stuck in repeating what was new 100 years ago, fury about me saying so, well think about it don't do as you use to ; attack the attack attack.

Feb 7, 13 8:11 am

Sorry about the end n that post, t simply should have read "Attack, attack attack. being the response.  I am glad to know I put a small new idear into archtecture. That allowing a computer program to generate the build structure, finaly was understood as a vision not as ",some one who think he is something".  I simply know I made an impac, but why is it, no one designed that cutting edge design for a cheap house ? This realy was the idea with 3dh, to offer the architects a way to use those Solids by pointing to them on the screen and haing the intire structure calculated one to one, ready to be N.C. cut -- was that to advanced back then ?

Credits or not, I am happy to know.

Feb 7, 13 8:25 am
F I love it
Feb 7, 13 7:07 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Per, I think of you every time I see 3dh out in the world.

Feb 8, 13 2:19 pm

Thank's, but now it is wall paintings ; think about it, before you could not take a wall painting with you, had to leave it where it was painted.  By adabting StreetArt technikes into painting, you now just paint it over, then with my Stencils spray paint a new, I even give a free complete Airbrush wirh hand pump, with each Stencil.  This is diffferent.

All those white walls, what about a new aproach to that of having images on your walls, even the Stencil now became "the work", you get a much different feeling about the images on your walls as they would not be there, unless you bought a Stencil  and not an oil painting in a frame. In 20 years you can even sell the Stencil just like an oil painting in a frame, but this "painting is different, you can paint more than one as like a print, this Stencil has a number and a signature cut. that will copy onto the wall aswell as the image cut.  Now these are not like the plain Decor Stencils you can get in a paint sale, my Stencils became the work and that way you can now bring the wall painting to another wall.  

Also, I hope soon to be able to share a few new technikes that can change a lot in today's painting.  As you guess I am more clever today than back when I published another Vision. This time I also know a new method a different technike, will create a huge impac and forster many lovely works --- but this time I rather take it with me, than allowing it to be stolen without credit.  Well  wouldn't I anyway publish, be happy when it made that impac, yes offcaurse as I am long over that childish attitude that "I" am the important part of the Vision.  But  I agrea a tiny piece stuch one that hurt just enough, to make me act this way even painting would profit, why should I share again like I newer would learn ?

I don't know if it is not justice to keep back, when I know many painters would eat their left arm to know my little trick, maybe beecaurse I know that if I just did it like I did with 3dh, some would just say; "Gee it is that simple, that it is strange no one thought of it before" , just like 3dh.  So  untill I get the chance to publish with no doubt of the "inventor", enjoy my new images.

Thank's again, realy that is a nice feeling.

Feb 9, 13 6:38 pm

Sorry allmost forgot, ; even these tree you can get in 70X100 Cm. as multilayer Stencil . So easy to paint that anyone can after watching a video I put on YouTube, or if art is important for you, just ask a profesional painter to use my Stencils. 70X100 is quite huge, but I cut them the size you order to.

I guess in each century the painters there, had their version of these 3, this is my version,

Feb 9, 13 6:50 pm

It must be Ok to promote my work, so here are the presant display at the fence I have been given to use as I want, thousand of tourists take images there each summer, and please do not forget ; -- I sell my paintings, Stencils and even boat plans or computer programs if you know someone who need any, just go to Google and look up my name or seartch "perCorell "SilverScreen"", that should yield a few pages.

Feb 9, 13 7:03 pm

Thank's and thank's for the nice comments, I wonder how many maneage to survive publishing a Vision places like this,  but today I love painting, love develobing new technikes solving it by turning everything upside down, knowing it all way thru and then from the image do the solution.

See this is what I realy hoped to try with the method I invented, beside being a boatbuilder I knew no one ever tried that. And What You don't know having no clue whatsoever, about how you read a construction drawing to real produce a set ogf ribs in _Full-Scale, is that the old way's are clumpsy, unnessery clumpsy compared something like 3dh and ontop, what you can't even image is what a progress it would have been, what wonders would be build -- in terms of boat designs if I had got the good instead of the evil will, --- boats like this ;


Sad, as if It havn't ended up like it did, it would have been build, -- I still have the intire 3D drawing, all frames in the 3dh framework flattened out ready to cut Full-Scale and belive a boatsbuilder, those 3dh frames would mean a real cutting edge revolution in boats building. Offcaurse boats are alian compared the advanced boxes you talk about here, and for those who discuss if AutoCAD is still vaiable, remember that in this fora there are those who don't trust a digital drawing, it can prove nothing that something can be drawn in 3D, --- I can point to the discussion .....


So even it would have been Fantastic, this structure combining square and oval, hollow and floors, can not be build, even there are a 3d drawing, -- unless the regulars tell me different than they tell you.

I think it would have been Fantastic, just for what it would prove. Just for what you can see it does, how it just smooth all tecnic problems a engineer would say, -- becaurse with 3dh all the calculations would be over whan you press the button, and each frame would be there in exact measures, it's weight, it's volume even the cost if you are good using AutoCAD and can add a few small home made applications calculating from AutoCAD's build in functions and what it is best for, calculations. 

Also, even I agrea it woild have been Fantastic, to exibit such advanced a structure, I would have prefered something else ;

Why, -- well becaurse issues like new technikes, innovative use of computers, advanced production or in short a real revolution within Architecture, was once my dream, See there are one thing I simply do not understand, why 3dh was met with such fierce anger, when everyone knew there are a demand for new houses, new technikes new Visions, becaurse --- if you like my boat designs, if you knew how difficult it relaly is to start from the beginning with the front, top and side views, then upscale and spline, cut the materials and acturaly build the boat, -- if you had any experience in the real world outside the protected acadamy walls, you would have respected those Visions.

'You regulars who still just Sit here !

Apr 4, 13 4:35 pm

Latest works copenhagen nordhavn.

Mar 18, 17 5:33 pm

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