GRE scores; too high or too low?


People have mentioned that GRE scores don't matter much unless they're really high or low. What are high and low scores? (1400 and above?, 1000 and below?).

Nov 23, 05 3:09 am

My scores were high.

Nov 23, 05 7:17 am

high are probably above 85th percentile

anything in the 30th percentile and below is low

these are just my opinion based on how these scores look on paper. don't use a combined score, look at the percentiles for each section.

Nov 23, 05 8:09 am

Some schools list there low-end cut off at 1000 or 1100 I think.

Nov 23, 05 8:11 am

Q.1. What do you mean TOO HIGH? do they refuse admission quoting scores that are too HIGH?
Q.2. For what kind of masters courses do you need the GRE? I thought architecture/design courses didn't require a GRE score.

Nov 23, 05 10:03 am

'too high' was written in error. I don't think schools refuse anyone with score that are high. I just wonder if there's a point at which one's score is high enough that it makes a big difference to your application.

Most M.Arch programs require GRE scores.

Nov 23, 05 10:23 am

how much do they weight in being accepted?

Nov 26, 05 3:57 pm

rsteath, on the main page of the discussion forum there's a "search" feature at the very bottom. Use it. That topic has been covered dozens of times.

Montaigne, it would take a very extreme score for it to make an impact either way. 30th percentile is probably a good estimate for a score that would raise a red flag. Too high won't make a huge impact at most places. Good test takers and good designers are different. Bad test takers, however, raise red flags.

Just my 2 cents having gone through it last year.


Nov 26, 05 4:21 pm

would anyone know what the 30th percentile is?

Nov 26, 05 6:10 pm

thanks MMatt.

Nov 26, 05 6:25 pm

its'a all there

Nov 26, 05 7:35 pm

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