Connected Underground Spaces


Anyone know of any good examples of underground spaces (be it subway stations, fall-out shelters or depositories for depleted uranium) that actually relate to the place they're located beneath in other ways than just through the exit sign?

Created with the use of materials, common denominators, sight-lines etc etc. Something more than just your everyday skylight.

Oct 19, 05 5:50 pm
tokyo sewers

and more here

Oct 19, 05 6:23 pm

norman foster's jubilee line (kinda)
emilio ambasz?

Oct 19, 05 6:27 pm

Check out this link from the Japanese Naoshima Art Project.

The island is home to a beautiful art gallery and hotel, both designed by Tadao Ando (both are actually set into the ground). But also on the island are one-off arthouse projects like the one in this link. Existing buildings have been renovated for the purpose of an artist experience. James Turrel and Tadao Ando did one such project together but the relevant one for you is a shrine with a glass staircase that leads into an underground chamber below. You can enter the chamber through a narrow passage from around the hillside and when you finally get beneath the shrine, the light is passed underground through the glass steps.

Is this what you mean or helpful at all? I personally thought it a great example of underground space deeply connected to location. On more spiritual levels than just the obvious staircase.

Oct 20, 05 12:48 am

I think a key example will be much of Japan. Half of the cities are underground.

Oct 20, 05 3:14 am

What makes you say that, Hasslehoff? true, there is a complex network of underground trains and roads are layered one over / under the other, many new buildings have high-tech underground car-parking, but I am struggling to think of many other types of spaces that are below the surface. What are you thinking?

Oct 20, 05 3:49 am

I got lost in osaka train station once- i ended up walking round in an underground shopping mall for 3 hours because i couldnt find my way out...

Although a very certain thing- i think the moscow/st petersburg metro has to be one of the best. Also worth looking up is the metro system for Rouen in france. Quite interactive when a train comes in - the stations start to glow..

Oct 20, 05 4:08 am
Carl Douglas (agfa8x)

Auckland's Britomart Station (conical skylights into public square above)

Turrell's Roden Crater

Oct 20, 05 4:18 am

check out the stockholm metro - elaborate frescos /murals on what looks to be stucco or sprayed concrete.

Does Zumthor's Vals go underground? i would think it does but am not sure.

Also In beirut, B018 , a bunker that got kited out as a club, & splashed around in design reviews for a while : from a site:
The climax of the whole evening comes when the sun starts to rise. As the sun rises, the roof of the bunker opens, letting in the golden rays of sunshine and illuminating the whole crowd of dancers. The experience is quite surreal and has to be experienced to believed. If you are planning on a night at BO18, don’t plan anything early the next day. You won’t make it.

Oct 20, 05 4:45 am

This underground space relates to its location though the images represented upon the tiles. Shame the reference is is fictional.

Oct 20, 05 5:01 am

A space in Paris by Pei that has a complex undergound relationship to its imediate surroundings.

Oct 20, 05 5:04 am

Disneyworld as well as most major theme parks, is half above ground and half below. I'm not sure how much the service areas below ground coordinates with the tourist areas above ground though.....

Oct 20, 05 5:05 am

back to my first post, I saw these tiles for the first time when I was 7, I thought they were the coolest thing.


Oct 20, 05 5:08 am

I like the eduardo paulozzi ones at tottenham court road- all over the station- and i have a feel they will all be ripped off soon as they finish renovatin the be replaced by some horrible cladding!

Oct 20, 05 6:54 am

I am also a fan of Eduardo's mosaics on the tube

Oct 20, 05 8:58 am

Apart from looking good (in many cases atleast)... does mosaic patterns work to prevent walls from being tagged etc, or is it just a coincidence that the only subterranean environment that is tag/grafitti free here is the station with mosaic "art" on the walls?

Oct 20, 05 10:31 am

architecture/engineering marvel..

Oct 20, 05 10:53 am

In Houston the Turrel Connection between a Moneo and a Mies.

Oct 20, 05 10:59 am

Vals is a tricky one....sorta underground/in the ground, but the ground plane is the hillside, which is tilted...that being said, you enter it via a tunnel-like passage from the hotel.???

any metro in Hong kong, specifically the mall above metro by Arquitectonica...interesting, not good per se, but interesting.

Oct 20, 05 11:11 am

Rem's proposal for the port of Genoa would have been an underwater-grade plaza and an underwater/ground tunnel to a tower...I can't find an image, only of the BenvanBerkel winning entry---which pretty much sucks...

Oct 20, 05 11:15 am


some body reduce the size and post please--


Oct 20, 05 11:19 am


Oct 20, 05 12:29 pm
GJ Virostek

How about the underground shopping malls in downtown Vancouver and Montreal?

Oct 20, 05 3:11 pm

Eduardo Paolozzi's mosaics on london underground

Oct 20, 05 4:13 pm
OSU steam tunnels

- I just read students have sex there.

Oct 20, 05 4:14 pm
underground toxic puppy
Oct 20, 05 4:18 pm

I also like ancient vaulted crypts. They have a certain atmosphere that comes with the architecture - maybe it's the history?

like this 12th-century crypt at Canterbury

P.S. I'm not a goth

Oct 20, 05 4:28 pm
Dazed and Confused

You are far too modest Mr. Goth - what about you's own house?

Oct 20, 05 5:24 pm

you don't do me's own house justice

come around for a smoke sometime

Oct 20, 05 6:44 pm

montreal montreal montreal

Oct 20, 05 7:24 pm
Heather Ring
International Urban Glow

of Europe Underground

Oct 23, 05 5:31 pm

MONTREAL!!! fairly new.... beautifully connected underground spaces. wonderful use of materials and color. a must see if you are in the area.

Oct 23, 05 5:46 pm
Geoff Manaugh

Some cool photos.

Oct 23, 05 10:46 pm

Norman Foster
Sainsbury Centre for Visual Art & Crescent Wing
University of East Anglia, Norwich, Engalnd 1977/1991

Book: Norman Foster A Global Architecture pgs. 58-67

Oct 23, 05 10:59 pm

Interesting.. Montreal has come up a few times now without anyone mentioning something specific (apart from the underground shopping malls). Anything in particular one should check out from there... on the topic of subterranean spaces connected to their surroundings?

Oct 24, 05 6:10 pm

Toronto's underground malls stretch a good distance.
Subways, commercial towers, malls, etc. connected.

Oct 25, 05 8:30 am


The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout.
Down came the rain and washed the spider out!

photo by Michael Cook

Oct 13, 09 3:25 pm

that must be one of the most useful *bumps* of late.

Oct 15, 09 8:11 am

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