Best Architecture/Urbanist Movies or Documentaries



- Tron Legacy

- Blade Runned

- Aeon Flux (movie kinda sucked but great architecture)

- Dune

- Gattaca

- Do The Right Thing ( really shows the dynamics of how an urban place can harbor a small town like community)


- Koyaanisqatsi (doc.)

- My Architect (doc.)

- HOME (doc.)

- If God Willing then the Creek Won't Rise (doc.)

- The End of Suburbia (doc.)

- The Age of Stupid (doc.)


Oct 30, 11 1:49 pm

love these too !!

Children of Men

The Truman Show (seaside)

Oct 30, 11 1:55 pm


Oct 30, 11 2:03 pm


Oct 30, 11 2:04 pm

Edward Scissorhands

Oct 30, 11 2:17 pm


Oct 30, 11 2:26 pm

Oh wait. You said best. Worst would be a much more fun topic.

Oct 30, 11 2:27 pm

Documentaries: 80 Blocks from Tiffany's, On the Bowery (mixed documentary and film), Garbage Warrior, Koolhaas HouseLife, Citizen Architect: Samuel Mockbee and the Spirit of Rural Studio, Manufactured Landscapes, Man on Wire, although not documentaries the Eames shorts

Films: Brasil; The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover; Repulsion; The Shining; Mon Oncle; A Single Man; Fifth Element; Cube; Synecdoche, New York, 

Okay, I will stop myself from naming a hundred more things.

Oct 30, 11 8:29 pm

The Architect

Belly of an Architect

The Architect and the Painter

These are some that come to mind.

Oct 30, 11 8:43 pm

sahar said: Mon Oncle

'tis in my queue!  i'm so excited (and i just can't hide it)!  i've been thinking about seeing this ever since i read that herzog & de meuron's blue house was partially inspired by tati's uncle movie ..

Oct 30, 11 8:58 pm

rusty! i see your 'burbs and raise you


Oct 30, 11 8:59 pm

Frederick Wiseman's "Public Housing" (documentary)





Oct 31, 11 3:45 pm

hustwit's urbanized

Oct 31, 11 4:40 pm

Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (1948)  



Oct 31, 11 4:48 pm

the home page image of mon oncle is definitely a great nod to architecture on film.  j.arleo, i'd have to say tron legacy was a bit disappointing, but the original comic con trailer was awesome showing an out-of-control, sprawling urbanism, which didn't happen in the final movie.

Oct 31, 11 10:40 pm


playtime (also tati)


the shining

rear window

the architects (1991, german)



into eternity

Oct 31, 11 11:35 pm

Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision (1994)

2012 (2009)

Nov 1, 11 5:20 am

jarleo i would say the architecture/urbanism displayed in the Aeon Flux cartoon is way better (although much more dystopian that the movie visually)...

Nov 1, 11 10:11 am

Surprisingly, every Die Hard movie deals with an architectural/urban typology through fictionalized violence. Die Hard 1 deals with skyscrapers, Die Hard 2 with airports, Die Hard 3 with the interconnectedness of underground infrastructures and Die Hard 4 with the compartmentalization of architectural space in the internet age........

Nov 1, 11 10:18 am

My Architect: A Son's Journey (2003)

Koolhaas Houselife

Nov 1, 11 11:01 am

The oldest and the best (I guess)


Nov 1, 11 1:48 pm

I just saw "Babe- Pig in the City" ( with my four-year old. It is bizarre, bordering on un-watchable. However, the "city" of the title is a marvelous, outrageous fantastic conglomeration of cities all over the world. When Babe looks out the window of the hotel, the skyline includes iconic structures from Paris, Shanghai, New York, Chicago, Sydney, San Francisco- all mashed up and sprouting improbably from an Escher-esque landscape.

I would also recommend "The Life Aquatic with Steve ZIssou"( good film and there are some really unique scenes of the ship in cross-section that are sure to get architect-types all hot and bothered.

For cheap thrills, I admit that I enjoyed the shoot-out that takes place in the atrium of Guggenheim from "The International" ( the whole place gets totally trashed as good guys and bad guys work their way around the ramps taking shots at each other. I also geeked out over the shoot-out in Gehry's IAC Building from the Will Ferrell/Marky-Mark movie "The Other Guys" (


Nov 1, 11 6:24 pm

mashup babe-n-blade runner

BABE RUNNER do it now!

Nov 1, 11 11:46 pm

no one's mentioned citizen kane yet?!?

the HELL?

and do any of ya'alls use film for inspire-ation or do ya just watch it and think 'oh that was nice, back to bathroom elevations ...'

Nov 1, 11 11:49 pm

sahar said: The Shining

oh my the power of symmetry!

Nov 1, 11 11:50 pm

 Wall-E, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Fast Food Nation, City of God.....



Nov 2, 11 2:25 am

kipnis lecture on film/architecture

Nov 2, 11 10:40 pm

Frac great link! 

Nov 3, 11 12:06 pm


Nov 3, 11 12:12 pm

Here a couple of amazing movies/documentaries architecture related:

-"Berlin Babylon". Hubertus Siegert

-"Der Himmel über Berlin". Wim Wenders

-"Tokyo-Ga". Wim Wenders

-"Chungking Express". Wong Kar-wai

-"En Construcción". José Luis Guerín

-"La Haine". Mathieu Kassovitz

Nov 7, 11 5:13 am

Here you can find more about Architects in movies

Jul 6, 14 9:30 pm

Movies : inception, poltergeist, the opening scene of unbreakable

Documentaries : the competition (release it to the masses, already!)

Jul 6, 14 10:05 pm
Erik Evens (EKE)

"Playtime" - Jaques Tati

"Why Beauty Matters" - Roger Scruton

Jul 7, 14 3:14 am


Also, I'm sure the Game of Thrones intro arouses some architects out there.

Jul 7, 14 12:49 pm

not sure whether anyone even looks at this anymore, but this blog is totally dedicated to architecture in movies, documentaries etc. and has tons of stuff

Feb 11, 16 11:51 am

"A Constructive Madness"

Documentary on Frank Gehry's work leading up to Bilbao.

Feb 22, 16 2:19 am

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