LEAST favorite ARCHINECT poster


because i am evil...

right now mine is WonderK because he is all into this lovey friendly archinect thing...

Aug 24, 05 1:20 pm

WonderK is a she...

Aug 24, 05 1:32 pm

3ifs is definitely NOT my least favorite ARCHINECT poster.

Don't forget that familiarity breeds contempt.

Aug 24, 05 1:33 pm
job job

why do i feel i've entered a bad disney movie - it's re-tard-iculous to promote a coolkids club with people you've NEVER MET
I mean, 500+ posts as a fookin' badge of merit.... COME ON

keep it for mySpace - it's the perfect platform

nice one 3ifs

Aug 24, 05 1:35 pm
Josh Emig

I love all of you. I really do. Really. A lot. This much ...

Aug 24, 05 1:36 pm

They wanted John Devlin and the Cellar Door Whore to star in this one, but John just signed a deal where he'll be the lead male role in the movie Rita Novel in Tunis.

What will John be reading? Who will he meet? What architecture and ruins will he see? The suspense is killing me! (hint hint)

Aug 24, 05 1:47 pm
job job

that said, i'm digging this bonzai visual attack by rita

Aug 24, 05 1:49 pm
brian buchalski

i think that i am my least favorite poster because i can't stop looking at this site and i would like to get a real life. on the other hand, it is nice to have a written record of your thoughts...despite the relative anonymity, it does force one to think before writing...most of the time at least. hmmmm...this whole forum is just a transcript from a conversation that never really happened, kinda like a book or novel

Aug 24, 05 1:55 pm

"Did someone say tuna? I love tuna!"

Aug 24, 05 1:55 pm

chill out dude,
soon it will be back to posting about how hellish school is. and who needs help on whatever project they are working on. and while all that is great, sometimes it gets a little repetitive...

i am sorry to have brought up the 500+ post nonsense, and anything related to myspace. i think a lot of people on here have met, or at least gotten some verifiable help/advice in the professional and adcademic realm from others on the board. that estabilshes relashionships dude.

i'm no disney lover either, but, why all the negative vibes?

Aug 24, 05 1:59 pm
not per--corell

archinect has posters? i've only seen the t-shirts!

i wanna glow-in-the-dark velveteen poster of the 3dh 'hi', please.

Aug 24, 05 2:06 pm

Try thinking inversion as a creative process. Now if 3ifs asked what archinecters do you love to hate, then I'd have some answers. Otherwise, I'm routing for...

...because he looks like my brother used to.

Plus, "I really, really like John Devlin!"

Aug 24, 05 2:12 pm
job job

guess it's something i ate - i wasn't even thinking of you (Stephanie) in particular. please believe I was laughing when I wrote that.

I like some comments by diabase, I don't like diabase (again that's nothing personal I never met the man) . And because I don't know his name, will never quote him in any paper.

but seriously, it IS a little funny: this pseudonym love-fest of people who';ve been logging in since Javier first posted

Aug 24, 05 2:20 pm

Yeah it's funny, so why you gotta hate on me, yo?

Apparently my sarcasm and pseudo-amusement re: "the archinect love-fest" translates to other people about as successfully as my gender does.

Hey thanks for starting a thread to make fun of me though! I really appreciate that, you know I was having a bad day until now but it's just gotten way better!!!!! And it's not a waste of comment space at all!

Aug 24, 05 2:58 pm

I'm rooting for him too Rita...

or the blonde bombshell...

Aug 24, 05 3:49 pm

Yeah, Janelle winning would be great too! I love it when she yells insults at the nerd herd.

And I just found out she and my brother have the same birthday.

Aug 24, 05 4:02 pm
liberty bell

My least favorite is anyone who watches reality TV.

Kidding! My partner is addicted to reality TV and updates me every morning when I arrive at the office - so I don't need to watch it myself.

WonderK your post made me laugh, as usual. An enemy of WonderK is no friend of mine, that's for sure.

Aug 24, 05 4:08 pm

so much for reality....

Aug 24, 05 4:17 pm


Interesting comments.


Aug 24, 05 4:59 pm

If at first you don't suceed...

Aug 24, 05 5:05 pm

Archinect Idle Worship?

Aug 24, 05 5:11 pm

"Please tell me who "your name" is?"

Aug 24, 05 5:12 pm

Whew, looks like I dodged another bullet...for a while, at least.

Aug 24, 05 7:15 pm

Rita: once again, you are dazzlingly brilliant and quite baffling. I hope I have not offended you. I know you have a wicked sense of humour which most times is beyond me. You're at the top of your form.

Aug 24, 05 7:28 pm

maybe you spoke too soon...

Aug 24, 05 7:28 pm

I wish I'd never posed for that photo. Honestly, it's not my bag, baby.

Aug 24, 05 7:34 pm

John, I've just been doing the most tedious stuff on my other computer all week, so whenever I hear the "mail's is" sound coming from my notebook I'm immediately distracted, and what you see here are the results of all that.

You've never done anything to offend me, and I do like you a lot. I'm gonna stop now for today. I notice you haven't started any new discussions lately.

Aug 24, 05 7:34 pm

Rita: just for the record I started this on 16 August but as you can see it never went anywhere. I figure I just wore out my welcome with people.
PS "Rita's a bombshell!!"

Aug 24, 05 8:38 pm

WonderK, i hope you aren't too offended, as you are really an innocent victim of my anti-love thread experiment...

also, sorry i said you are a guy. :(

Aug 25, 05 11:55 am

No I wasn't really offended. I have been very busy though.

Incidentally, the reason that Jordan started that other thread is because I helped him get a job interview. Which is why he said "I have my reasons".....I do try to help fellow Archinectors whenever possible. And I can see that thread has taken off just like the others, hasn't it? Alas, I need a break from posting....

PS. Thanks for recognizing my, um, woman-hood.

Aug 25, 05 4:57 pm

yeah, wonderk and I met through a mutual friend. It's strictly platonic.

Aug 26, 05 1:11 pm
Ms Beary

I liked what my imagination cooked up better than the real scoop behind wonder and jordant.

I'll stick with my version, whoo-hoo!

Aug 26, 05 1:12 pm

By the way wonderk... I think things went well.

Aug 26, 05 1:28 pm

That's good. We had an interesting afternoon here after you left. I guess we always do, thank christ I get to go home now. BTW, I liked your "I haven't seen you in a long time" bit......if never is a long time, indeed.

PS. I don't date coworkers, potential or otherwise.....anymore. Strawbeary, we'll save that for another thread ;o)

Aug 26, 05 5:18 pm

My dad used to say, "Jordan, never get your honey where you get your money."

How charming.

Aug 26, 05 5:29 pm

pasha. definitely pasha. I'm sure she/he's just a troll, but the troll knows exactly how to get my goat.

Aug 26, 05 5:46 pm

ha, that's a good one jordan.

Aug 26, 05 6:19 pm

Alright Snowi, I've given you a few days.

Being a newbie, you might have noticed that people are judged here by the quality of their comments,

I am interested in the following comment made by you:

"I like some comments by diabase, I don't like diabase (again that's nothing personal I never met the man) . And because I don't know his name, will never quote him in any paper."

Can you point out where logic or any semblance of reality exists in this statement?

It does'nt bother me that you harbour a certain dislike for me, but surely lets have a little more information and justification. Here, accountability is still necessary, despite the non-physicality of the medium.

ps. good luck with the frog.

Aug 26, 05 8:30 pm

i hate lletdownl... such a piece of crap... i wish he would just fall a long way already

Aug 26, 05 9:18 pm
David Cuthbert

Rita Novel are you into Reggae from Dominica - or was that a random image??

Aug 28, 05 9:57 pm

Those GAWD, guy & iveBNevrwhurMAN fellers have got some real problems.

Aug 28, 05 9:59 pm

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