"How Did This Happen Revisited"

They all realized something was up when, at LIVE8 Philadelphia, Duchamp was always having these intense conversations with Adam. Marcel and Robert just told eveyone that they were enjoying each other's Philadelphia Museum of Art anecdotes, seeing how the Adam drawing room from Lansdowne House is situated directly above the Duchamp gallery. Well, it all became clear what was going on at the performance of Duchamp's The Lucky Bums 4 August 2005. Marcel had asked Robert to design the sets for the play, and to "Do Vanbrugh."

The Lucky Bums was a smash hit! Now everyone's reading The Good Soldier while remembering Grace, Rainier, Maria and Otto in the title roles. And boy does Marcel know how to strictly adhere to an existing narrative.

As a surprise to everyone, Vanbrugh was the guest of honor at the performance, and, as he liked the play so much, he immediately decided to deliver a paper for the Horace Trumbauer Architecture Fan Club Convention the very next day, hence "How Did This Happen Revisited." Everyone's still amazed by all the disclosures.

Aug 7, 05 1:55 pm
brian buchalski

bossman tried something similar with his "aheklhjh, ahdeihh'g;so helsnk " thread

and somehow that provoked more of a discussion.

Aug 8, 05 1:58 pm  · 

puddles, to took the wrong fork in the road in that provoking more discussion is not at all the intention of this 'topic'. And as to your reference of the intitial post here being akin to a bunch of nonsense, that's really an indication of how your mind works. (And don't for a minute think that I don't know that plenty of people here really want to hate me and/or my work.)

The intention of this 'topic' is to be a marker (for me primarily) of where Leaving Obscurity Behind presently stands. Virtually writing and publishing a novel simultaneously involves a lot of design tactics that you obviously don't (yet?) know about or understand.

3 August
415 feast of the discovery of the relics of St. Stephen

4 August
2005 performance of The Lucky Bums

5 August
2005 "How Did This Happen Revisited"

6 August
1928 birth of Andy Warhol

8 August
1997 death of Paul Rudolph

11 August
1932 birth of Peter Eisenman
1956 death of Jackson Pollack

12 August
1955 death of Thomas Mann

13 August
2004 death of Julia Child

14 August
1955 death of Fiske Kimball
2002 death of Larry Rivers

15 August
423 death of Honorius
1038 death of King St. Stephen of Hungary
1769 birth of Napoleon
1912 birth of Julia Child
2004 The Ottofest in Budapest

16 August
1865 birth of Cardinal Dennis Dougherty

17 August
1882 birth of Samuel Goldwyn
1927 birth of Larry Rivers

18 August
7xx BC rape of the Sabine women
feast of St. Helena
2004 Olympic Games return to Olympia, Greece
2005 "Pilgrimage, Reenactment and Tourism"

21 August
1858 birth of Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria
1988 death of Franziska Brenner
2001 death of Steven Izenour

22 August
1902 birth of Leni Riefenstahl

23 August
1754 birth of Louis XVI

24 August
410 assult on Rome by Aleric

25 August
feast of St. Louis
1845 birth of Ludwig II
2004 Ludwig at St. Louis with Hannibal and Mark Twain

26 August
1898 birth of Peggy Guggenheim
1910 birth of Mother Teresa

27 August
1965 death of Le Corbusier
1978 death of Gordon Matta-Clark
2005 "The Promenade Architecturale Formula"

28 August
430 death/feast of St. Augustine

31 August
1997 death of Princess Diana

Aug 8, 05 2:48 pm  · 
brian buchalski


my apologies for the confusion. i should have chosen my words more carefully. my intent was to imply that silliness, in all its various forms including bossman ridiculous thread, seems to have been generating more interest here than most sincere efforts.

for the record, you remain one of the archinecters that i most admire. sorry again and please keep up the good effort.



Aug 8, 05 3:24 pm  · 
the cellardoor whore

but, puddles, do you know why you admire her? This question has nothing to do with her or her work, I'm asking a specific question.
Do you also know what that 'good effort' to be kept up is? Rita is not the one on trial :o)

Aug 8, 05 3:36 pm  · 
brian buchalski

i am ignorant and i admit guilt. end of trial. what's the sentence?

Aug 8, 05 3:54 pm  · 

My apologies then for thinking what I was thinking as well.

Last Friday I read about Vitruvius Britannicus in Architectural Theory: from the Renaissance to the Present (Taschen, 2003) and was surprised to learn:

"For Campbell St. Peter's is by no means merely an especially striking expression of architectural abuses on the Continent: it also stands for Italy's cultural decline. As such he emphasizes in his foreword that in the post-Palladian era Italy had not only become estranged from the true "taste of building," but also from the roots of its culture, the Latin language. From this perspective, Italy could no longer be the destination of the Grand Tour. Campbell consideres such understandings to be "Mistakes in Education." As the Vitruvius Britannicus is intended to demonstrate, it is now the architects and artists of England who are to take Italy's place as the preservers of timeless, classical taste."

I cannot recall having ever read that Piranesi's oeuvre is in some ways a reaction to Vitruvius Britannicus, but I certainly see it that way now.

Vanbrugh begins "How Did This Happen Revisited" by pointing out the dates of the gardens of Versailles (1661-1668) and the plan of Philadelphia (1683), and from there it's a enlightening chronological list of events.

Aug 8, 05 3:58 pm  · 

cellardoor whore, you're secretly in love with Rita Novel, aren't you? The feelings on your part are so evident, despite your efforts to conceal them. So timeless, so classic, so textbook!

Aug 8, 05 4:14 pm  · 
el jeffe

how many times has "dude, rita's a guy." been posted on archinect?

Aug 8, 05 4:18 pm  · 

cellardoor whore's dream of Rita and cellardoor whore...

Aug 8, 05 4:24 pm  · 
the cellardoor whore

i know she's a man who might also be a woman will the real Lauf please stand up
and the 'dude'?

no rita im not in love with you secretly or otherwise perhaps something to do with your age
now thats textbook

i do fancy mason white but only physically

Aug 9, 05 2:35 pm  · 

That's rich, someone hiding behind a screen name asking for the real Lauf to stand up. What's going on?! Suddenly I've got a secret?

"This is in line with traditional sociological accounts of the formation of taste, which are inclined to stress the desire for status, either in terms of imitation within a social group, of emulation of a superior social group, or differentiation from one below, as the most powerful motivating force in culture.

The problem with this type of cultural analysis it that it relies on a reading of subconscious motivation. Few individuals are so brazen as to admit, even to themselves, that they buy art or love Rita Novel or even build great architecture out of a straightforward desire to provide visible bulwarks to their social or political postions."
--The Building of Castle Howard

White masonry, is that like when cathedrals were white? Or is that like when editors knew a mistake when the saw one?

Aug 9, 05 2:58 pm  · 
the cellardoor whore

drama drama

i jest, I fancy him not

Aug 9, 05 4:13 pm  · 
Aug 9, 05 4:18 pm  · 
Aug 9, 05 4:26 pm  · 

by chance read last night...

6. The Blair Adam copy of Bartoli Picturae Antiquae (1750) was duplicated in the Adam sale of 1818, lot 117. The Blair Adam Montano, one volume, undated, had its counterpart in Robert Adam's Montani manuscripts, lot 33 of the 1818 sale. The trade in books was a two-way one, however, and in 1755 Robert Adam had Kent's Inigo Jones, Campbell's Vitruvius Britannicus and Lord Burlington's Baths, all sent to him in Rome (London, Guildhall MS 3070 f. 11).

Calendrical Coincidence Revisited

Aug 6, 08 3:09 pm  · 


Aug 6, 16 2:14 am  · 

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