Music For Grocery Stores

vado retro

Perhaps Brian Eno has already produced a record of ambiant music for grocery shopping, but America's "Horse With No Name" actually works quite well.

Jul 31, 05 11:39 am


Jul 31, 05 12:04 pm
A Center for Ants?

My girlfriend heard "Hey-ya" and Green Day at Whole Foods...

Aug 1, 05 1:06 pm
el jeffe

, DJ BC hip-hip mash-up with Philip Glass.

Aug 1, 05 1:52 pm

I prefer to shop in silence. And don't even get me started on my rant about whole foods...I'll spare everyone.

Aug 1, 05 2:14 pm
Bryan Finoki

everyone's wearing headphones these days anyway, feeding in their own soundtracks. isn't public place music becoming more and more obscolete?

Aug 1, 05 2:49 pm
el jeffe

try living in a place like albuquerque and you'd THANK GOD for whole paycheck foods. i'm psyched that we should have a trader joe's in 6 months.
now rant please....

Aug 1, 05 3:01 pm

bryan finoki's comment reminds me of an old bolshoi lyric (a song from the walkman era, no less). in honor of lyric-quoting vado, the author of this thread, from 'books on the bonfire':

"we used to converse
so long ago.
now we exist
in our personal stereo."

Aug 1, 05 3:22 pm

bryan4arch - Wouldn't that mean grocery stores would have to pump in white noise to cancel out all ambient sound. How cool would that be, shopping in a vacuum? Very sci-fi. I'm all for it, shopping would take on a whole new surrealistic quality.

Aug 1, 05 3:26 pm

oh, and now that we've gotten to the point where ramones songs are used in diet pepsi ads, i wanna hear some punk rock at my kroger! bring on jello biafra and henry rollins pitching charmin, baby!

Aug 1, 05 3:27 pm

dah dah dat dah da dah da dat dah
I wanna buy sedatives.

Aug 1, 05 3:29 pm
Bryan Finoki

nice quote Steven.

by the way, this is a good read on the topic. Elevator Music: A Surreal History of Muzak, Easy-Listening, and Other Moodsong by Joseph Lanza

Aug 1, 05 3:30 pm
el jeffe

slate magazine has started posting their own audio commentaries for museums.
probably not nearly subversive enough but it leads me to think of a site with a fascinating possibility of downloadable narratives linked to space; a spatially mapped ubuweb??? anyone know if something like this already exists?

Aug 1, 05 3:50 pm

My girlfriend heard "Hey-ya" and Green Day at Whole Foods..

I miss shopping in a trance to the music of Astrud Gilberto, Stan Goetz & the likes of them. Winn-Dixie, where art tou?

Aug 1, 05 3:57 pm

i love independent record store music.
my worst grocery store music experience always coincides with christmas.
albertson's play instrumental super tramp. breakfast in america is usually a tad turned up around bacon.

Aug 1, 05 4:04 pm
vado retro

i also like that chevrolet is using a steve earle tune. i doubt that they know he is an excon and self proclaimed marxist. the revolution starts now.

Aug 1, 05 6:34 pm
A Center for Ants?


mall music definitely takes a toll on the soul during the holiday season. maybe that's why suicide rates go up?

i like shopping at the 24 hr supermarkets when it's past around midnight. the lights are turned down a bit and it's super quiet. and you can run around with the cart and everyone's too tired to care.

Aug 1, 05 7:09 pm

it's corny, but I actually really love it during december when they all play christmas music. Just a little bit of nostalgia, as my family used to do a really good christmas, til my parents vacated the country.

Aug 1, 05 7:13 pm

A Center for Ants?
it's past around midnight. the lights are turned down a bit and it's super quiet.

Are you kidding? Every grocery store I've been too late at night has the music cranked, the stockers are usually all rocking out. I remember one store used to bring out speakers and set the on the checklanes and crank it to 11. And I should know, I worked as a stocker for awhile, not to be confused with stalker which I've never done.

Aug 1, 05 7:35 pm
vado retro

i was at a local sporting goods store a few months back and ryan adams' song "wish you were" came on. i couldnt hear it very well but my version of that disc has a lyric that says "its all fucked up its all a bunch of shit its totally fucked up, wish you were here" i dont know how you edit that one. keep shopping kids.

Aug 1, 05 9:16 pm

Treasure Island in CHicago has the best soundtrack...even the employees going around singing...

Aug 1, 05 9:45 pm
vado retro

yeah but they are all pirate songs. matey

Aug 1, 05 9:58 pm

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