high divorce / alcoholism rate


i've heard that architects have high divorce and alcoholism rates. does anyone have stats to back it up?

Apr 6, 05 9:32 pm

you want to quit?.. come on.. its not so bad...

maybe in 6-10 years...

Apr 6, 05 9:34 pm

That’s what my ex-wife says but it’s a damn lie! I can stop any time I want.

Apr 6, 05 9:35 pm

Opposite for me...drank heavily in my early 20's and stopped no problem... married 8 years...wife is a recovered alcoholic (although if she takes one sip she will fall of the wagon immediately and take our family down with her) needless to say no booze in the house and I try not to drink around her.

Apr 7, 05 12:47 am

I split up with my partner. I am now a single dad but as far as alcoholism goes there's still no sign of it.

Apr 7, 05 4:48 am
Ms Beary

i might be an alcoholic, but happily married for 6 months now.

Apr 7, 05 11:02 am

now that you mention it, i do drink a lot.

Apr 7, 05 11:32 am

i'm probably an alcoholic. marriage doesn't seem like the right thing for me at this point in my life.

no stats. sorry dude.

Apr 7, 05 11:44 am

I vividly remember in my pro-practice class the prof running off all these statistics about architects.

Yes, both divorce and substance abuse were very high. Right along with depression and suicide.

Do you think the stats are in the almanac of architecture? What the hell kind of profession did we get ourselves into? I'm thinking maybe I should cut my losses and become a manager at Old Navy.

Apr 7, 05 11:49 am

the only stat i know relevant to architects is that 90% of them love the color black


Apr 7, 05 11:54 am

don't know about those things, but in response to A's depression comment, I've heard that my school's counseling center has a surprising number of regulars from the architecture school...

Apr 7, 05 12:18 pm
vado retro

doesnt every group have high divorce rates?

Apr 7, 05 7:35 pm

I think you're right vado. About half of US marriages end in divorce.

As far as the drinking goes, I think architects do drink a lot, but unlike brokers and financial analysists who drown themselves in beer, we drink more sophisticated libations like martinis and cognac.

I need to get my arse to a bar stat.

Apr 7, 05 7:50 pm

I think the brokers bankers and financial analysists can afford to drink to excess.


Half of those divorces are second marriages though.

barbaric; No black, never! seeing old architects walking round in black leather and squared off shoes makes me cringe. Saw Toyo Ito a year ago sporting a big colored polka dot shirt that was perhaps no better, but at least he wasn't scared to show a bit of personality.

for the record, divorced once, remarried and doin good for the past 8 years. But i live in a land where the women expect their men to work themselves to death and never be home, so maybe not particularly representative of reality back home...

Apr 7, 05 9:15 pm

I can almost smell the martini in the air....Im out to get one now!!

Apr 8, 05 5:27 pm

i don't have a drinking problem unless i can't get a drink.

Apr 8, 05 5:49 pm

I bet there is a VERY HIGH rate of divorce between architecture couples................each thinking of being better than the other!

Apr 8, 05 5:56 pm
( o Y o )

Do you know why divorce is so expensive?

Because it's worth it.

Jan 18, 19 8:47 am

...don't drink at all (personal choice) and married 30 years...

Jan 18, 19 8:59 am
Non Sequitur

this is a 13y old thread brought back to life by a spambot. The op certainly has had time to remarry and redivorce again by now.

( o Y o )

being married for 30 years is the reason I'm an alcoholic

Jan 18, 19 9:21 am

When I was in high school the architect that designed the town's recently completed neo-brutalist library and community center did himself in. Several unkind wags suggested he should have offed himself before designing the building.

Jan 18, 19 10:30 am

Your wording suggests you're an unkind wag.


From what I've experienced the key to a happy relationship is drinking with your partner rather than because of them.

Jan 18, 19 2:12 pm



only drink beers during the summer, maybe once a week...  married for 7 years... people tell me I should be itching... not sure what that means.

Jan 18, 19 5:30 pm

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