Atlanta / Howard Johnson Hotel since torn down.

Peter Rentz

I am doing some research on midtown atlanta and am tryihg to find out who designed a hotel (probably run as a Howard Johnson in its last years) on Peachtree and maybe 9th street. It was art deco ish and had a pool in the front. I think it was torn down in the last 5-6 years. Can anyone point me in the right direction to more info?

Apr 6, 05 3:35 pm

peter -

the ajc did some articles on it right before it was torn down. you'd probably have to search their online archives and i think it was taken down about 2-3 years ago.

like the aia or not, you could call their offices and see if someone will look in the guidebook there and tell you who the architect was. i'd have to believe that it was documented in it. 4.222.0099.

i do know that it's last incarnation was as a squatter's palace. it had been vacant since i arrived here in 98.

Apr 6, 05 10:40 pm
Peter Rentz


Jun 24, 05 1:33 pm

Hey Pete,
That hotel is long gone, there are some new lux high-rise condos getting built in its place. I think that bldg used to be the "Atlanta Cabana'. I think it was the same as HoJos, or maybe it was right next to it. either way, it was a striking Modern structure. I always liked that bldg, it's a shame that it went through the same decay most of that area did throught the '80s. It had become either a flop-house or a rent-by-the-hour joint way back when. We have lost a lot of '50s-70s Mod Architecture in the ATL.

It really is ironic How times have changed in that part of town. Where you once had abandoned structures that housed only bums, you now have the likes of Ligne Roset & bulthaup.

Jun 24, 05 9:44 pm

Oh yeah, I think that it was located more like Peachtree & 6th, or 7th Street.

Jun 24, 05 9:45 pm
Eric J Tidd

Peter, I too have been trying to find out more on the Atlanta Cabana motel. It was built in 1958 and was designed by Jo Harris (she was a Ga Tech grad) and was the brain child of non-other than Jay Sarno. Sarno was on his way west to look at sites for more cabana motels when he decided to build Ceasers Palace in Las Vegas instead. Apparently the Atlanta Cabana was a real swinging place with mirrors, tile, and fountains everywhere. All of the stars stayed there in its hey-day of the 1960's. It fell into decline and I remember it as a Howard Johnsons (it caught fire sometime in the late 90's) and then as a Days Inn. Sadly, it was demolished in 2002.


Aug 10, 05 7:50 pm

I worked for a firm that was trying to get it renovated as a boutique hotel - the firm at the time was stang & newdow, which has since merged with stevens & wilkinson - i believe ron stang would know more about the project and the history of the hotel if you want to make a few calls. the hotel was definately south of 9th st - my guess is 7th. I remember that there was a lot of enthusiasm to do the project, and our proposal might have been one among others - in the end the property was too stygmatized/in poor shape, being a permament home for many homeless people. i had also hear that it was a "swingin place" in its day.

someone should definately try to research and catalog all of these dissapearing icons in atlanta

Aug 11, 05 1:06 pm

this might help...

click on the cabana hotel link

Aug 11, 05 2:10 pm

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