Do doors on a detached garage in Palm Beach County, FL need to be impact rated?

A client of ours has a detached garage in Palm Beach County, FL. He plans to use it as storage and not for cars. Does anyone know if this would still need to be impact rated and meet design pressures as it isn't attached to the main house? I assume it does but thought I would ask anyhow. 

May 27, 23 12:08 pm

Why not just speak to the code officials?

May 27, 23 1:43 pm  · 
1  · 

or the client’s insurance agent 

May 28, 23 12:09 am  · 

Yes, you have to build it code!  Imagine what happens if you don't and a hurricane sends big chunks of the under-built garage smashing into the pretty main house.

That's the way the people who write codes and enforce codes are thinking.

May 28, 23 9:58 am  · 

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