Kitchen Supplier in LA, need recommendations


I'm developing a spec project in LA with 5 townhouses and I'm wondering if anyone can suggest an RTA kitchen supplier with good quality cabs, good service, and reliable supply.  Spec at this scale is not my wheelhouse so I'm not familiar with suppliers for this kind of thing in the area.

Like I said, it's a spec project so budget doesn't allow a custom kitchen.  I looked at Reform and like their stuff but for 5 units too expensive.  There are many Chinese-made cabinet houses around San Gabriel, and I have a place that looks decent enough, but I thought to ask here if anyone has a go-to they would recommend.

The kitchens are decent size, it'll be "euro-style" flat slab in matte white so nothing special.  I would love a place with a good range of color options but for this kind of thing you get what you get.

Mar 27, 23 3:47 pm

What you're asking for free is what we are paid for.  Hire an architect or interior designer.  

If you give your location I'm sure someone here can recommend someone local you can hire.  

Mar 27, 23 3:50 pm  · 

I was never disappointed by Ikea kitchen systems. Relatively inexpensive, fast, and variety of interchangeable parts to customize. You might wait for a long time for your custom cabinet makers these days. Everything is minimum 4-5 months lead time... You must have looked into it already.

Mar 27, 23 9:35 pm  · 
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What happened to the earlier posts?

Mar 27, 23 9:57 pm  · 
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OP realized he was being poked fun of and didn't like the way his response made him look.

Mar 28, 23 9:28 am  · 

That's curious... this seems like something those on high might do. Or do we mere mortals also have the power to vaporize posts and responses (ours and others') at will? If so, sign me up!

Mar 28, 23 1:29 pm  · 

I think you can ask the Big Green Head to delete posts for you. That or you just act like a petulant child with a potty mouth and the B.G.H. will delete them without you having to ask.

Mar 28, 23 2:03 pm  · 

Actually, I didn't think the question was unreasonable. And if I recall correctly, he kind of went out of his way to avoid profanity in that heated exchange. 

But it's good to know we have our own Omega-13 device here when needed.

Mar 28, 23 2:11 pm  · 

He did avoid profanity by saying a#$h@## instead of asshole.

Mar 28, 23 4:01 pm  · 

It is something that needs to be addressed.
I would be apprehensive to give any names of my builders of any kind if I don't know the person. This kind of posting/texting your subs' contact is a dicey situation. I am very protective of my people especially recommending them to someone who might treat them badly. In any case, I would ask my resource first if they are interested in extra work. Though they are experienced enough to detect a problem client, they might waste their time in responding.
It really pisses me off when they contact my sources to get a backup bid on something and do not have a real need to hire them.
We develop these relationships over time and those contacts are precious. 
I also often exchange sources with friends whose practice I am familiar with and know they are good people to work with. But if I know any generic supplier, I would mention it in a public forum if I am in a good mood.;))
So, no offense to OP. He or she probably is the same way. Who wouldn't if you cared about the contacts that took you years to develop a productive relationship? That goes for consultants too.

Mar 28, 23 2:56 pm  · 
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I agree. Was this in response to a now deleted post or just some 'general' advice?

Mar 28, 23 4:02 pm  · 

Chad, just a general view from long experience in the field as an architect.

Mar 28, 23 7:04 pm  · 

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