1968 NYC code on kitchens


in the nyc 1968 code, is a kitchen in a restaurant considered part of the F-4 occupancy so that there is no rating on the partition or is it considered the D-2 occupancy classification?  It appears the D-2 would be for an industrial kitchen with no dining area where as a kitchen in a restaurant would be able to fall under the F-4 occupancy?  thoughts?  Clear distinction that can be found in the code would be greatly appreciated.

Jan 27, 23 8:50 pm

I think your time machine is broken.

Jan 28, 23 2:23 am  · 
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If only. Working in NYC is fun.

Jan 28, 23 11:12 am  · 

The infamous avocado appliance rule... we all suffered that one. 

Jan 29, 23 9:44 pm  · 

I did a restaurant a few years ago, using 1968 code, no separation was required per 1968 code section 27-339

  1. Nonresidential kitchens need not be separated by fire separations from adjoining dining spaces, provided:

(1) The cooking equipment is vented directly to the outdoors, and

(2) 2 draft curtain of noncombustible material, at least twenty-four inches down from the ceiling, is provided to separate the cooking facilities from dining spaces, and

(3) Sprinkler heads constructed in accordance with the provisions of subchapter seventeen of this chapter, are provided on the cooking facilities side of the curtain, or any opening between the kitchen and dining space, located within twenty-four inches of the curtain or opening, and spaced not more than forty-eight inches on centers if the opening is more than sixty inches wide. When fire separations are provided double-action doors may be permitted.

Jan 29, 23 9:06 pm  · 

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