After working as the client, is there possibility for me to branch out to other companies?


I’ve been working 2 years in a company that, in the context of construction project, acts as the client, as a project engineer that specializes in architecture. I was wondering if working as the client would make it harder for me to get a job in the future in this field compared to if I was working as a contractor or a consultant, considering that all of the technical work are done by them and I mostly do paperwork and supervise their work so that it aligns with what the company wants. Would greatly appreciate any insight everyone has.

Nov 25, 22 9:10 pm

I'll be perfectly honest here. I've read this post four different times today, and I have no idea what you're trying to ask. Are you an architect working as an owner's rep? Are you an engineer working in a company that provides in-house A&E services? Without more clarification of exactly what you do, I'm entirely at a loss on how to even approach giving my $0.02.

Nov 26, 22 8:25 pm  · 

It sounds like develop design build.

Nov 26, 22 8:28 pm  · 

It sounds like Design-Engineering/Build where reypr is an engineer but the company does the design & engineering and some capacity in the construction. Basically, A&E+Construction (or CM). That way, I agree with b3ta. Likewise, I agree with Jovan in that I am not sure what reypr is asking or even knows what he wants to ask.

Nov 27, 22 10:00 pm  · 

Sounds like this person is a CM equivalent to how contractor’s tend to define “project engineers” on their team…. Which is more like an administrative assistant, or maybe Jr Management. Not an actual Engineer…

I think the obvious answer is that if this person has an educational background for architecture or engineering then they can go do that. It won’t make it harder, though it won’t really make it easier either…. If they don’t have the background, they will probably always be limited to working for management companies or contractors. 

Nov 27, 22 11:09 pm  · 

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