Architects and landscape architects reciprocity


Does any have experience going from an architect's license to also gaining a landscape architect's license in the US specifically Washington, Oregon, or California? Is there a reciprocity process or do you have to take the landscape tests? It seems like most of the liability, contractual and professional practice information would be similar.  As background, I'm an architect, Looking to branch out into my own practice now, early in my career I worked as a landscape designer for a LA and I would like to offer those services as well. My understanding is that I would not be required to carry a LA license to do the work legally but if it's an easy reciprocity process It wouldn't hurt to hang another shingle for marketing purposes. Thoughts? 

Oct 3, 22 3:51 pm

A license for Landscape Architecture may be required for doing commercial work.  I know the city I work in requires an Architect, LA, and Civil engineer for all city submittals.  City submittals are needed for any new commercial project. This includes multi family housing.  

Oct 3, 22 5:12 pm  · 

All the more reason to do the license correctly. Thanks, Chad

Oct 3, 22 6:00 pm  · 

On side note; in the seven states I've practiced in one of them had a degree of reciprocity between architecture and landscape architecture. LA still had specific education and experience to be eligible to take the exam though.

Oct 3, 22 6:40 pm  · 
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