Need help finding the distance between wall and the 1st kerb parking spot (Red line)?


I am not a civil engineer or an architect. I need help in finding the distance from the main perimeter wall to the 1st parking lot in the attached image in feet and inches. That is the distance marked using the RED line in the attached image. How do I do that? Can someone please help?


Jun 30, 22 2:48 am

from the drawing: it's something greater than (4'6" + 9" + 6'10  5/16") [it seems to be in conflict with the 12' dim]

IRL: measure it or contact the owner, someone on site, the contractor or architect

Jun 30, 22 12:49 pm  · 

ignore the 12', that is unrelated. Not enough info in your dwg & it is an industry standard to not measure off paper dwgs for dimensions

Jun 30, 22 12:58 pm  · 
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Thanks for the info.

Jul 1, 22 1:34 am  · 

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