How to become instructor at Architecture school


I have my M.Arch (not licensed yet) and 5 years of experience.

How can I become an instructor at architecture schools (colleges) on part-time basis without any teaching experience? Preferably online classes such as Revit Classes. Like how do I get into this industry? 

Dec 6, 21 11:38 pm
Non Sequitur

look for openings and apply. Best to look at the college tech-level if you want to teach revit. 

Dec 7, 21 6:24 am  · 

Being an instructor takes a lot of independent work; in other words, your ability to make connections (emailing current faculty, volunteering to sit on reviews, etc), seek out opportunities, and apply to them on your own is a huge determining factor in your eventual success.

Dec 7, 21 9:17 am  · 

quite often it is about being introduced as jury member at your alma mater or peer network to start with.

If you want to teach a class then apply for a job I guess.

for what it is worth...

My first teaching gig was offered to me through my network - a part time lecturer at a good school. That was lucky, right timing and all that. After a few years of that I applied to a more proper position while keeping my office running and have been doing that ever since.

one thing to keep in mind, teaching is a LOT of work. If you are going to give a 1.5 hour lecture once a week expect to spend a full day preparing that lecture. It gets easier each year you teach the same class, but the amount of work does not decrease as much as you think it might. Cuz every year either the software, the job, or your opinion has changed enough that you will need to rework everything.

Dec 7, 21 9:06 pm  · 

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