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I'd like o to enhance my hand drawing from observation ?

Anyone has tips, reference, books or video that could help me to master this important aspect !  there are lot but certains does merely give suffisent elements ...

For instance what level of details and when, forground, background details, how to get the right feeling / mesure of the depth ?


Dec 5, 21 2:10 pm
Non Sequitur

practice. lots of practice... and lots of repetition using different mediums.  Best advice is to also try drawing on large sheets where you have to use your arm instead of little wrist movements.  There is no you-tube substitute for practice.

Dec 5, 21 2:40 pm  · 
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Take life drawing classes. Learning to darw is first and foremost about learning to see.

Dec 5, 21 4:25 pm  · 
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thanks, yes , practice makes it better, however, if there are shortcuts, I'll take them , 

I know there are some aspects on the Ching graphics books , but those are not complete.

Dec 6, 21 11:36 am  · 
Wood Guy

The best shortcut is to take a class from a good teacher. Then practice, practice, practice.

Dec 6, 21 11:40 am  · 

Put a piece of tracing paper against a window glass, draw what you see through. Rinse, repeat. Take a piece of plexiglass with you, and make it smaller and smaller.

Dec 6, 21 11:52 am  · 

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