Architectural practises we can all integrate from other countries


Hello all!

I am writing a paper focusing on - how architecture is practiced around the world,  and the aspects we can take away from other nations that would benefit as all, not just within the UK.

Such examples would be Japan, and how every residential dwelling is build around that individual and is always delivered on time and on budget. 

So if you extensive experience of working/studying in another country (preferably where they do not bow to the RIBA or the JCB contracts), then please make yourselves heard and share your knowledge. This could be anything, like how the firms function to maximise productivity or creativity, design processes, working with clients, prioritisation of materials and/or building methods. 

I look forward to hearing for everyone!

Oct 21, 21 4:28 am

NOTE: Apologies all, this is a copy of an existing post which only got approved today. 

If you would still like to comment then please do so. Otherwise the initial post is titled "Differences of working at a practice in another part of the world"

Oct 21, 21 4:58 am  · 

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