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Does NCARB provide formulas on the exam? Such as max allowable area for a building.

Sep 27, 21 7:24 pm

The demo exam will have all the same references available as you will have in the actual exam. https://ncarbpractice.examstud...

The exceptions will be the case study questions which have their own resources which will vary and be specific to that case study. Some of those include code excerpts that may or may not prove helpful for other questions.

Sep 27, 21 7:55 pm  · 

In addition, some prep material/demo exams may also be helpful in preparation. Black Spectacles practice exams were useful to me to get the overall pacing and feel of the exam. In my experience, code excerpts that were provided were more lengthy, often lifting multiple chapters from IBC. It would be beneficial to get familiar with where to find things within the code so you spend less exam time hunting through hundreds of pages for the info you need.

Sep 28, 21 7:51 am  · 

Yes, nearly all necessary formulas are provided.  The challenge is, they will offer more formulas and information than you really need to complete the exam.  Your studying is what will determine if you choose the right formula for the right question.

Sep 28, 21 12:20 pm  · 

I wouldn't worry too much about memorizing (or using for that matter) too many formulas. I don't think I looked at the formula sheet once during the exams, most of the math is pretty simple area / weight calculations or basic trig to find distance. Anything more complicated than that isn't worth spending the time on during the exam in my opinion.

Sep 28, 21 3:34 pm  · 

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