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As a woman STUDENT in architecture, what hurdles do you face ? 

Sep 22, 21 8:30 am

How about telling us about your observations or experiences to provide some substance and then others can chime in. You should respond to your other topics first, the ones with active input. 

Bear in mind if this is some sort of lazy crowd-sourcing survey, this type of low-effort work from a man or a woman is going to get the same amount of head-shaking and unflattering comments.

Sep 22, 21 12:21 pm  · 
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Your right sorry this is my first time using a forum and I’m actively seeking answers to a lot of questions through my personal experience. I do feel there is a gap I am a student myself and I have experienced it several times. I did my bachelor's in another country so I agree that location does help. but I still know it’s not easy for female students. I have seen some male students get more than what they are talented for, and while that, comparing is not that solution. I actively follow and keep myself to date with advocacy platforms for women architects yet nowhere do they talk about students. I feel the gap is largely hidden at the bottom than at the top.I have seen so many of my female colleagues leave architecture after graduating..why? Because either they don’t get the job in fields for which they advocated. They end up “compromising” and doing a 9-5 job and eventually leave and while starting out a business is out of the question for a few. While this is not the case for all, there are still some women going through this. I feel this should be done in academics. I don’t remember having these conversations in my uni or being prepared for the real outer world.

Sep 22, 21 7:33 pm  · 

Perhaps your age is peeking through. No one is guaranteed success. The general stereotype of white tall male may help but even then many falter because at the end of the day, only so many doors can open before you need to match expectations with reality. 

 A 9-5 job is not a compromise. That's what most people do in any profession. Architecture is a service job first and foremost, the work comes from people willing to pay for a solution. If you operate any business as they are taught in architecture school, it’d be defunct in no time. If one believes they can do work as they please without deadlines or constraints working under someone else, that is not a gap or discrimination or anything nefarious. It’s the reality of holding down a job as an employee. All jobs suck. Some workplaces are better than others. 

You won’t be starting a traditional licensed architecture practice right out of school. Goes for anyone. As for informal businesses that skirt between legality, plenty of women do start their businesses with or without a license now or ever. Others may simply not like to work and quit because they can. Unless you interview all of them, a few select anecdotes will only cloud your own judgment. 

 What do you expect in the world beyond academics? Many jobs are totally indifferent to who you are, only what you can produce on time. They are treating you as an equal to men--disposable, replaceable, cheap. Is this not the goal?

Sep 22, 21 9:08 pm  · 

even though I’m very much in touch with my feminine side and consider myself the eternal student of architecture I’m neither a woman nor a student, can’t help you out with this one...

Sep 22, 21 12:59 pm  · 

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