M.Arch Fall 2022 Application Status


Hello everyone,

This thread is for all of us M.Arch applicants to share our application status and decisions: 

  • Undergraduate Degree/ School/ Year graduated 
  • GPA - GRE  - TOEFL 
  • Letter of recommendations 
  • Personal Essay/Statement 
  • Portfolio
  • Schools 
  • Open house impressions 
  • Results 
  • Tips
Sep 16, 21 10:36 am

Hey there! 

I'm about to attempt GRE the coming week.

TOEFL I've not yet attempted. 

How about you?

I'm quite stuck at University selection.

I mean whenever I ask for University suggestions people in the US give me a list of top 10 unis which are Ivy League, I mean no offense to them because the unis are amazing and their programs too!

But unfortunately I'm not that amazing for affordability, performance and capacity to deal with the tedious programs is in question. 

If you've some Unis you're going to apply to would you mind to hook me up with it? I'd be eternally grateful! 

Also, I didn't know this thread existed! Thank you!

Sep 17, 21 9:46 pm  · 

How do you afford to pay for it? Is it purely a rich young persons profession? I've worked tangentially in the profession but couldn't afford to study, got hired a lot but it's a disconnect for sure in terms of access.

Sep 17, 21 10:05 pm  · 

Education loan, it's a risk worth taking if you don't have a license. If you have worked in the profession you might have a solid portfolio and good practical knowledge, that way you may be eligible to apply for scholarships. 

Sep 17, 21 11:20 pm  · 

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