Architects & Designers that also have a Construction Contractor license


First, I am familiar with the technical steps of licensure for construction contracting in Oregon. This topic thread is not a question that is about that. Those kinds of questions should always be directed to the licensing boards. 

Aside from reviewing ARE material about liability, which I know will increase in scope with the scope of work.

Those of you who have done or currently do design and construction contracting such as design-build, design plus construction management. What are your thoughts, suggestions, or pointers that you may have about the various models and how you went about it and your experiences. There isn't a singular clear question that I have yet that is clearly composed. 

As for me, I am looking into the CCB license for reasons that involve oversight of construction outcomes but that is a factor but I am not looking at doing all or most of the actual construction work itself. This is where an aspect would be similar to construction management but the delivery model may also resemble something closer to design-build. 

The training would be ~$20 for the "16-Hour" pre-licensure training program and the exam itself is $60 and it would be able to be proctored online so that would make accessing the exam equally comparable to the ARE exam and the CPBD Certification exams which I am also taking. After the CCB exam is taken, I would then require to get the insurance coverage, surety bond, and pay the licensing fee. 

Part of the driving force is my brother is studying welding and plan on doing some custom welding work. This may or may not trigger the need for CCB (contractor license). There are arguments and concerns some may have. I am aware of a number of the risks associated with welding so that would be something that needs to be addressed before I would 'greenlight' welding activities as part of the business activities. 

On the bright side, the business is an LLC. There is a plan to also carry professional liability insurance (Errors & Omission) not just the construction contractor general liability insurance. I am and have been researching insurances so that's a start on that end.

Sep 15, 21 1:16 am

... have you ever been on a construction site in any oversight capacity?

Sep 15, 21 9:18 am  · 
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in ca welders have to be certified on site by a welding inspector

Sep 15, 21 9:42 am  · 
Non Sequitur

no-one asked about california welder certifications.

Sep 15, 21 9:53 am  · 
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Sep 15, 21 11:53 am  · 
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Non Sequitur

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This isn't even correct. Welding requires continuous special inspection, but welders are not certified on site by an inspector, they have to have prior certification. 

Sep 15, 21 12:19 pm  · 
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Non Sequitur

Ricky, $20 for 16hr of training + $60 exam... so total investment is 8 Starbucks venti Frappuccino's?  Sounds like this exam is not really hard or important if it costs so little... so why not get it then? A reasonably sane person (ie. not jawknee) should be able to knock this out during their lunch break.

What's more important here is that insurance(s) is expensive to carry and you need to know how you'll absorb that cost... Not sure your brother's custom welding sculptures require this tho unless you're doing the physical installation.

Sep 15, 21 9:59 am  · 
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Rick, I think you should simply focus on the things you've already started (ARE exams, CPBD exams, etc.) rather than taking anything else on. 

That being said, doing this seems more attainable and appropriate for you than those other things and I wouldn't hold it against you if you dropped those to focus your business on metal fabrication. I'll happily report back here if I ever come across some shop drawings you do for any Div 05 work on one of my future projects.

That being said, don't ask us these questions. You can't (or shouldn't) trust any of the answers we'd give you. Seek out some mentorship from people you can trust and who might actually have your best interests in mind.

Sep 15, 21 2:47 pm  · 
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​Did Rick just get nuked from his own thread? He had a response here I was going to reply to.

Sep 15, 21 4:11 pm  · 
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I went looking for a question mark on the first post, couldn't find one, although there was a what, without one, but buried in the rambling. I still don't know what is being asked.

Hell, not even in the subsequent responses, is there a question.

Sep 16, 21 6:04 am  · 

So there's more than one Balkins...does your brother know you're on archinect Rick?

Sep 16, 21 7:52 am  · 

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