Countries Where 'Landscape Architect' title is protected


Hello All,

I'm gathering information about countries where the title 'Landscape Architect' is protected, i.e., where there is a state register and to use the title would be fraudulent. I believe this to be the case in the Netherlands. Is this also the case across the US, or in any states? Furthermore, what other countries protect the title?

I'm not looking for where 'Chartered Landscape Architect' is a protected title, rather just 'Landscape Architect' itself.

Sep 10, 21 7:21 am
Non Sequitur

It's been a protected professional title in Ontario, Canada since 1968.

Sep 10, 21 8:20 am  · 
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It's protected in the United States.  

Sep 10, 21 11:32 am  · 
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