Boxabl: prefab tiny home (or ADU), $50k for 375 sf

t a z

It's a click-baity headline, but this yahoo! news post has a lot of info about this new Nevada prefab house company.

They've developed a modular system but the hot-take is that they are selling a complete build-out with a square floorplate and transformer-like abilities to collapse down to a size that can be transported on a flatbed truck.

The Boxabl website is, however, surprising sparse on any performance specs for the units.

And here's the other rub:

"Despite its popularity, the company has built only three tiny homes so far."


Aug 9, 21 2:35 pm


Aug 9, 21 4:24 pm  · 

One of the three is for Elon

Edit: I didn't actually click through at first. Oh well. Hazards of not paying attention to yahoo news

Aug 9, 21 4:26 pm  · 
t a z

Whoa, somehow I missed that news post. Elon celebrity status certainly provides brand publicity. He must get one of the first production models which hopefully have less problems than the original Teslas.

But yahoo also says the first big production order is going to be delivered to the US military.  Wonder if they have to meet mil specs for that.

Aug 10, 21 9:55 am  · 

$10M military grant @ $50k/unit... so 200 units.  Can I get a $10M grant and provide the military with some mobile homes?

Aug 10, 21 10:59 am  · 

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