Was this Real?


I've recently been looking into the Deutscher Werkbund and found this pretty impressive design by Bruno Taut. Apparently it was an exhibition piece at Leipzig steel industry convention in 1913 and was named the "Steel Industry Pavilion" (in English at least). I can find pretty much no information for what looks like such a massive building, which leads me to believe it might be a model or sketch. Looks realistic enough though. Seems like a piece of architecture that has been lost with time. Does anyone know anything about this?

May 3, 21 12:21 pm

Yes. Search "Monument to Iron" and "Bruno Taut" or "Leipzig 1913" etc. Was a temporary structure, only lasted a few months.

May 3, 21 1:48 pm  · 
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You can find a good description of it and even some interior shots in a JAE article. I'd post them, but I don't really feel like doing your homework.

May 3, 21 2:01 pm  · 

You're in luck. I did a short study on Bruno Taut recently and came upon this image:

You can see the tower on the far end. Image was taken from the book "Bruno Taut's Design Inspiration for the Glashaus" by David Nielson.

That monument's called the Monument des Eisens, designed by Taut for the Deutscher Stahlwerks-Verband (Association of German Steel Workers) and Verband Deautscher Brucken-und Eisenbaufabriken (Association of German Bridge and Steel Fabricators). It's an exposed steel-frame construction.

May 3, 21 1:57 pm  · 
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