If you are an architectural firm, what are your top 3 priorities for the near future?


My question is intentionally open ended as I want people to provide unbiased opinions and foster a discussion - What are your top 3 areas of focus for your firm currently? 

Apr 10, 21 9:38 pm

1. good clients

2. good staff

3. high project quality 

this a pretty generic but totally accurate description of what firms aim for. the struggles are always in the execution.

Apr 10, 21 10:12 pm  · 
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more projects

smart and sophisticated staff

to get back into the actual; office

Apr 10, 21 11:48 pm  · 
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Getting work

Hiring excellent staff 

Increasing quality

Apr 11, 21 1:43 am  · 
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1. Eat

2. Sleep

3. Architect


Apr 11, 21 3:16 pm  · 

1. develop

2. design

3. build

Apr 11, 21 5:43 pm  · 

1. Establish a standard for the black pens we purchase for the office.

2. More published work in design magazines no one but architects read.

3. Win awards, obviously. 

Apr 11, 21 8:35 pm  · 
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I would like clients who don't constantly ask for more services, especially ones that were explicitly not included, and then throw a fit when I tell them it's an additional fee. 

I would like clients that don't text me at midnight to chew me out for something the contractor did but he doesn't care and somebody has to take the heat. 

I would like clients that don't try to skip out on payment.

In summary, all three fall under better clients.

Apr 12, 21 10:07 am  · 
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less clients, more free time, less management of staff.... something that looks like retirement!

Apr 12, 21 1:35 pm  · 
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I don't run the place, but if I did:

  1. More efficient design (Referring to billables, not the environment).
  2. Decrease reliance on one particularly large client by finding similar project type mid sized clients.
  3. Update / bolster detail library.
Apr 12, 21 1:45 pm  · 

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