What PC Laptop do you recommend for Rhino 5-6 and Photoshop for the best performance?

Hello, I have been using a very old gaming laptop throughout my college education and I felt that it has held me back on my deadlines. I use an MSI 2015 model Gaming laptop for Rhino 6 and Photoshop, but my computer is really slow in performance, so I need to consider purchasing a better and faster laptop. 

Any recommendations? 

Feb 27, 21 11:16 pm

For a student, look for whatever is on sale, fits what you're looking for AND has decent reviews; mid range gaming laptops generally perform pretty well. Check other threads for CPU vs GPU relevance... 

Feb 28, 21 6:16 pm  · 

seconded. mid range gaming laptop. If you buy from a reasonably priced brand seems like you might need to drop 1.2-1.5k. 

Alternately, don't get a laptop and you can get something better for the price or build something even a little bit better than that for the price. 

My grad school laptop started going out last year (after... 9 years) so I finally broke down and built myself a desktop during covid. Was fun, and not that challenging honestly. 

Feb 28, 21 9:15 pm  · 
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Building a PC would be a better idea rather than buying a much older laptop which will slow down in some days. So, save some money and build a personal computer by yourself. 

Mar 2, 21 6:08 am  · 

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