What PC Laptop do you recommend for Rhino 5-6 and Photoshop for the best performance?

Hello, I have been using a very old gaming laptop throughout my college education and I felt that it has held me back on my deadlines. I use an MSI 2015 model Gaming laptop for Rhino 6 and Photoshop, but my computer is really slow in performance, so I need to consider purchasing a better and faster laptop. 

Any recommendations? 

Feb 27, 21 11:16 pm

For a student, look for whatever is on sale, fits what you're looking for AND has decent reviews; mid range gaming laptops generally perform pretty well. Check other threads for CPU vs GPU relevance... 

Feb 28, 21 6:16 pm  · 

seconded. mid range gaming laptop. If you buy from a reasonably priced brand seems like you might need to drop 1.2-1.5k. 

Alternately, don't get a laptop and you can get something better for the price or build something even a little bit better than that for the price. 

My grad school laptop started going out last year (after... 9 years) so I finally broke down and built myself a desktop during covid. Was fun, and not that challenging honestly. 

Feb 28, 21 9:15 pm  · 
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Building a PC would be a better idea rather than buying a much older laptop which will slow down in some days. So, save some money and build a personal computer by yourself. 

Mar 2, 21 6:08 am  · 

Prices are crazy right now due to crypto craze, chip shortage and scalpers though. :(

Apr 29, 21 5:07 am  · 

Dell is a great brand! Running a Dell Inspiron 15 that's 3 years old. Try to look out for gimmicky features to cut costs. The CPU core count as well as the GPU can affect rendering speeds.

Apr 29, 21 5:06 am  · 

You can find some nice stuff in the Dell Outlet store online.  The Business section there has workstation-class laptops and desktops.  Everything there comes will multiyear Dell warranty. 

Stay away from anything HP.  The net is flooded with low price HP machines that may seem like good value, but its because HP cuts corners on components and durability.

Apr 29, 21 9:13 am  · 

Has the global chip shortage affected PC prices yet?

Apr 29, 21 10:27 am  · 

Yes, everything is much more expensive nowadays compared to 6 months ago. Including older parts. Low supply, high demand = absurd prices.

Apr 30, 21 2:28 am  · 

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