Portfolio: Professional before academic work?


I am currently in graduate school and putting together a portfolio to apply for a summer internship. 

I have done a 1-year internship before my MArch and I have the following dilemma:

Shall I place my professional projects first in order, before the academic ones? This way attention can be shifted to the most relevant experience first.  

On the other hand, having the academic projects first could narrate a nice story of my evolution as a designer.

I know that it's perhaps not an issue of huge significance, but I was just curious as to what's the general practice. 

Jan 26, 21 9:07 pm

Professional work first, duh..

Jan 27, 21 3:26 pm  · 

How long have you been working and how much involvement do you have in making hiring decisions at the firm you're at now?


I'd put your work in chronological order.  

Jan 27, 21 3:28 pm  · 
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Academic before professional as a student, and the reverse at the very early stages of your career. No student work after. Personal projects can stand in for academic work if they're good enough. This all depends on the nature of professional work of course - if you're one of the few whose job is to be the firm's stylistic guru, then academic work and professional work might not be that different. On the other hand, if your professional work is mostly detailing and coordination then there will be a good contrast between that and academic dreams at the closing pages. A design-savvy firm would like to see both I would think - the lofty imagination you're capable of and what you can do technically to achieve these. A production-heavy executive architecture firm would care less for the academic stuff - you're here to do CDs for designers.

Jan 27, 21 3:57 pm  · 
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